Cristiano Ronaldo trains at his home in Portugal

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Cristiano Ronaldo will close 2020 with a prize under his arm. Tradition to which he has become accustomed and that at 35, almost 36, makes him a figure of world football that has rarely been seen. The Portuguese striker was recently named the best player of the century in awards that, among others, awarded Pep Guardiola as best technician.

The Juventus striker thus remedied the absence of the expected The Best. The FIFA award took him Lewandowski to break the dominance between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. However, it came as no surprise when it came to first place. The great duel was for second place and, there, the Portuguese came out winning. By a few points, specifically three, Ronaldo beat Messi in the fight for the award with a 38-35.

With these recognitions, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to increase his legend and establish himself in the world elite despite his age. What for many is usually the time to say goodbye with honors, for the Portuguese it has become an opportunity to show why it is different. And, for the moment, he is achieving it based on prizes and numbers on the field of play.

What is the password? Obviously, one is talent. However, Cristiano Ronaldo’s weight goes further. The Portuguese striker is a physical marvel and his individual work is what has taken him to the top of football. Such is his demand that, in those same awards where he was designated the best player of the century, he joked about his son’s physical form. “We’ll see if he becomes a great player“, he snapped, because” he drinks soda and eats chips. “

The Portuguese secret is a constant training and a very strict diet. Six dishes a day and more than one forbidden food. As revealed months ago by The Sun, the Juventus forward has breakfast with ham, cheese and some low-calorie yogurt. Vegetables and chicken arrive mid-morning, then fish arrive and fruit arrives in the afternoon. For dinner, the salad and the meat. The importance of good sleep has even been stressed on several occasions.

Cristiano Ronaldo trains at his home in Portugal

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His potential has been reflected on the field of play and also outside. Without going any further, when he got infected from the Covid-19, shared on several occasions the training he was carrying out while in isolation.

Great year

The numbers speak for themselves. Cristiano Ronaldo is in good shape and has become Juventus’ top scorer. Some performances that in the end have resulted in individual titles and recognitions from the world of football. Although not even the Golden Ball, suspended by Covid-19, nor the The Best of FIFA, Cristiano Ronaldo has remained at the top.

So far this season, the Portuguese has played 14 games with Juve. Two games lost in the Champions League and another two in the A series because of Covid-19. A contagion that came to him just during the concentration of the Portuguese team. 14 appointments that, however, have become 16 targets. Six doubles and a decisive performance against Barcelona on the last day of the Champions League.

Definitely, achieve a target every 74 minutes on the pitch. A figure that he had not reached since his last season at Real Madrid, when he saw the door every 84 minutes on the pitch, and which far exceeds those harvested in the last two years in Turin.

Star retreat

Cristiano Ronaldo, like Leo Messi, has been compared to numerous historical talents in the world of football. From Maradona to Pelé. Since Zidane even Ronaldo Nazario. Any idol of the sport of the ball that has written his name in the history books of the discipline has been put in a balance next to the Portuguese scorer. And the numbers, as reliable as possible, confirm that the Portuguese has no rival at the moment.

The former Real Madrid player is 35 years old and will turn 36 next February. He is the undisputed owner of a team like Juventus de Turin and aspires to win both all Italian national titles and the main continental one as is the Champions League. Also, with large individual data and no physical ups and downs to prevent it.

An age that players like Zidane, Kaká or Ronaldo Nazario, retired at 34. Others like Ronaldinho said goodbye to professional football at the age of 35, but far from Cristiano’s level. Skin He said goodbye to the elite at the age of 36, exactly the ones that the Portuguese striker will meet soon, but in a team like Cosmos. Maradona, recently deceased, he retired at 37 wrapped in controversy and with a level far from the desired.

Maradona and Ronaldinho during a charity match

Maradona and Ronaldinho during a charity match


Names like Iniesta, born a year after Cristiano Ronaldo, continue to play. However, they do it in a competition like the Japanese one, very far from the level of Serie A. If Cristiano fulfills his contract, he will end up playing at the age of 37 at Juventus in Turin and aspiring to everything.

Fight for the future

The detail that confirms the great form of Cristiano Ronaldo despite his age is that he continues to like him. The Portuguese striker would take place in any eleven holder of the main European powers. And hence his future, despite being 35 years old, continues to make headlines among the highest level continental clubs.

Cristiano Ronaldo signed with the Juventus until 2022. However, already last season the rumors began about a possible departure of the Italian team. The failure in the Champions League was not liked at all and the stability in the Turin box did not finish arriving. After the cessation of Often and the signing of Pirlo As head coach, the Portuguese striker seems to have silenced all rumors to live a golden moment in the Old lady.

However, until there is a new renewal, the unknown will not be sentenced about its next steps. And less if the expected European title does not arrive, one of the maxims of Cristiano Ronaldo to continue competing. He Manchester United or PSG have been some of the clubs with which the Portuguese attacker has been related. The British entity, by template and past, would be the best positioned to achieve the return of the scorer. To know the solution we will have to wait for summer. Juventus passed first in the group in the Champions beating the Barcelona and they aspire to reach, as a minimum, the long-awaited final of the European competition.

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