Luis Suárez against Toni Kroos, during the Derby between Real Madrid and Atlético

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Toni Kroos is one of the most important players in the Real Madrid, but not only today, but throughout its history. The German midfielder has trained together with Modric and Casemiro an indissoluble society in recent years that has been the envy of football around the world. From them the team game was born in which the German is its metronome, the footballer in charge of setting the times.

Still resonate in Munich the words of his farewell when Real Madrid signed him for just 25 million euros in one of the biggest bargains in the history of modern football. It is difficult to find a signing that has cost so little and that has given so much. However, Kroos’ football is like his ideas, inexhaustible, which is why he continues to bring happiness to Real Madrid in a season in which he is playing almost everything.

The German footballer is one of the few who does not usually enter the rotations of Zidane and that he has had almost no problems with injuries, penalties or illnesses. Only a few discomfort in the gluteus in the league game against Betis made him stop momentarily. However, right now it is a key piece and widely used by Zidane.

Of the last 10 games that Real Madrid has played, Kroos has started and has played 90 minutes in 9 of them, showing spectacular physical strength. The Teutonic player has been there when others like Modric, Casemiro or Faith Valverde they have had to stop due to some kind of mishap. Kroos is unstoppable and inexhaustible, and this year he is experiencing one of his best seasons in a personal capacity.

Luis Suárez against Toni Kroos, during the Derby between Real Madrid and Atlético


In addition, the Real Madrid midfielder is leaving some simply spectacular numbers. It is the basis of the game of the white team, the first piece that builds in search of the rival goal and does so with unsurpassed efficiency. He is, by far, the best passer in the world and match after match exceeds 90% and up to 95% success rate in passes, a real outrage.

Kroos with the ball at his feet is a real scandal, as he has all his teammates perfectly positioned on his head. Therefore, as soon as he receives, he knows who he has to give the ball to. Whether playing short or long, horizontally or vertically, football always acquires another speed when it passes through the feet of the German half, which is being the thermometer with which the growth of the white team can be measured in the last matches .

If Kroos plays well, Madrid plays well and, in all probability, win. The growth of the German footballer in these last games has caused the whites to rise from their ashes and once again become that dangerous and feared team throughout Europe that is capable of frightening their rivals. The team’s good run, which has not only been about results, but also about play, has been largely thanks to players like Kroos and Modric.

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In addition, this year, Kroos has advanced a little more his position in attack, covering more field and clearly reaching the rival area to take his powerful and precise shot for a walk. The German has become one more offensive threat for opponents who do not have to deal only with his passes, but also with his hitting and assists.

Toni Kroos, inside the Alavés area, shoots at goal

Toni Kroos, inside the Alavés area, shoots at goal


As if all this were not enough, Kroos has become a reference for Real Madrid both on and off the field. The midfielder is usually one of the most applauded and loved players for his interactions on social networks in which he openly demonstrates that he is not only a Real Madrid professional, but also feels it, loves it and defends it at all costs.

Zidane knows that with Kroos he has a committed and professional player in all aspects since, this year especially, he is assuming the responsibility of supplying Casemiro when necessary in that position of ‘5’ which is not the one in which he performs best nor is it the one he likes the most. However, Kroos this year looks like another as he has increased his defensive involvement and his work and is, also in the place of the defensive pivot, more comfortable than ever. Real Madrid will be happy as long as Toni Kroos continues to be the thermometer that marks the good moment for the Whites.

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