Marco Asensio, during a Real Madrid training session

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It is one of the hard core of Zidane, but that does not imply that he is in good shape. Marco Asensio He is still not settled after returning from his important injury and in Eibar he will have a great opportunity to claim. Although he has had occasions to put his role in the Real Madrid In value, the Mallorcan does not end up standing out as the player he was a few seasons ago. This Sunday he has an exam again in The league before him Eibar.

It is one of the great illusions of the merengue fans and, although time passes, it will not stop being so. One of the spoiled children of the Santiago Bernabeu who drove the fans crazy when he was almost a teenager has not lost that favorite band. If with two steps in elite football he managed to be transcendental in Champions League qualifiers and in renowned matches, Asensio earned a credit that he is finding it difficult to lose despite what has been demonstrated in recent months.

The tragic injury from the 2019 preseason was a great hit for his career that seems to continue to weigh on him. Although last year he returned to the fields scoring goals, his performance is far from being that of that young man who galloped the left or right wing and was a danger every time he looked into the area. Whether it is a matter of confidence or that the injury has robbed him of part of those qualities, Asensio is not the same.

Marco Asensio, during a Real Madrid training session

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That is why Madrid is confident that time will end up putting back on the grass those qualities that made the Majorcan a fixed bet. The boy wonder has grown up, but his credit is still valid. Even so, there are several players who have overtaken him this season and if he wants to regain that title that he seemed to have in the eleven until recently, Eibar will be a great test for an Asensio who needs to come to more.


He has passed a Lucas Vazquez which has become the name of the last month of Real Madrid. But it is that the French coach has bet on the Brazilians rather than on an Asensio who, although he has not left the circle of continuity with minutes in more second parts, had several games without being a starter. After being part of the debacles of Alaves and Shakhtar, did not regain full confidence.

Among the few rotations that the French coach has been doing lately, Asensio is one of those who appears among the usual changes. The bands keep changing in the second half and that is the great advantage that the player from the Mallorca quarry has. Above all, it has remained in that list thanks to the injury of a Eden Hazard that is already closer to having minutes again.

Left or right

The situation of the squad will once again make part of the responsibility for the goal fall on a player who needs minutes in his natural zone. Against Eibar he will return to his natural band, the left, a place that allows him to play more comfortable than in the place that Zidane has put him the rest of the time.

Marco Asensio

Marco Asensio

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The arrival of Hazard and the commitment to Vinicius he has made his move to the right wing almost mandatory to try to take advantage of an overflow and a shot on goal that have not appeared again in Real Madrid. This Sunday is a good time for me to get them back.

If Asensio wants to end this 2020 as a starter at Real Madrid, he needs this Sunday to be the protagonist again. The circumstances invite you to think that there could be no better time. If in the post-pandemic it was one of Zidane’s signings, the Frenchman wants it to also be one of the resurrections that he wants to carry out in his squad in 2021.

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