Pablo Laso, in a Real Madrid Basketball game

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The weekend passed uneventfully in the White House, awaiting the decision in the Champions and with the response of the basketball team in the face of any adversity, even if it is called Campazzo. Both teams have solved their trances with dignity and offering hope, football before the imminent revalidation and those of Laso giving away another proof of its proverbial elasticity.

Curious about this soccer team Real Madrid, who walks between excellence and disaster and has still been able to win a Champions League under this condition. He never ceases to surprise, either due to his notorious disability or resolving a game in the second half, in which so many games he has delivered recently. The whites are a current of uncertainty, an unknown unknown that has Real Madrid and its rivals perplexed. His future hangs by a thread, but at least he will face the revalidation with good spirits and the energy given by a good match in Seville.

Pablo Laso’s Real Madrid seeks excellence on the road to solidity. He has been fulfilling his role to the letter for almost a decade, except for isolated exceptions – last year’s league was one of the very few – because he has learned to find solutions in the course of his setbacks, either in the coach’s tactical magic or in the administrative manager of the technical director, Juan Carlos Sanchez.

Pablo Laso, in a Real Madrid Basketball game

Four games have passed since Campazzo’s departure, when it seemed that the gap that was opening in the squad was insurmountable. The Argentine base became essential and gradually acquired more minutes and prominence, to the point that Llull he was relegated to being one more guard off the bench. However, the recomposition has been immediate, with a minimal defeat in Moscow before him CSKA-where Laso’s Madrid has never won-, and then victories against him Baskonia, the Asvel from Tony parker -that came from winning Barça-, and in Burgos, one of the most difficult courts in the ACB.

From the same club, but with a way of doing so opposite that no one would say that they are, both teams move through national and international competitions, marking a path that is leaving indelible memories. They are also near their end, for Bouquets Y Felipe Reyes, Modric Y Rudy FernandezThey have fewer years ahead of them than those who wore white. And with Christian already out of the club by his will, and Carroll, who will only abandon him when the door is opened to his will and with all the honors.

Two teams, two very different worlds, but that retain the instinct that has defined Madrid throughout its history. Unparalleled competitiveness even in the most intricate moments that has given us a weekend for optimism.



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