Zinedine Zidane, during the match against Sevilla

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There is no tutía. The Real Madrid has been planted in this Wednesday’s game against him Borussia Monchengladbach with the obligation to win if he wants to be in the round of 16 of the Champions League. Also the tie could be worth, but nobody wants to speculate at the moment. Nobody in the white club would have wanted it that way, but today is the biggest ‘final’ so far this season and Zinedine Zidane he plays it.

The pass to eighth will not be the only thing on the table tonight at the Say Stefano. It will also be the position of Zidane, who since the defeat against him Shakhtar Donetsk is questioned and received an ultimatum (at least, media) for the week that started with the match of the Seville. The French coach, the one with the three Champions in a row, the one The league last year, the same one who received the confidence of the club in this difficult moment, also has to save his skin against Borussia.

“I only think about passing, I don’t value anything else,” Zidane said at a press conference this Tuesday when they put him in the situation of not winning at Borussia and that his position was in danger. The absolute certainty about what would happen in that aforementioned only have it within the club itself, or perhaps not even that. What is clear is that the week has three ‘finals’. The first has been passed, the one now is the most important and the third is a derby.

Zinedine Zidane, during the match against Sevilla


And if Madrid entrusted the task to Zidane and did not think about his dismissal after Shakhtar, it was because the Frenchman is an expert in finals. Not only in those in which titles are won, but also in those in which critical situations have to be saved, as is the case now.

Zidane has full of victories in the games where a title has been decided. With Real Madrid he has won all three of the Champions League, the two of the Club World Cups, two in the European Super Cup and two in the Spain Supercup. Nine finals and nine titles for his record and the club’s showcases. In the others he also adds all of them, since if he had not, it would be difficult for him to have kept the position.

In its first stage, although there would be, it is difficult to speak of extreme situations that would have been carried ahead of it. The team was at its peak and the Champions League would have been a rest for anyone else as they were for Zidane. It has been different in this second stage of his, of reconstruction in Madrid and with more ups and downs.

The ‘finals’ of 2019

To be in order, we must remember that last year between September and October he was also questioned. A bad start in the Champions League (only one point in the first two days) and four punctures in the first nine league games (the defeat against Majorca was the most painful) were to blame. The name of Mourinho, before signing for him Tottenham, began to hang around until Zidane recovered.

Those that were achieved in Sánchez Pizjuán against Sevilla, as it was last Saturday, and that of the Galatasaray on the go. Madrid won and passed that bump. Even so, the season got complicated but after the break, Madrid returned to save the furniture by hitting the table adding ten consecutive victories to come back and win La Liga.

The others of this year

The current season is giving many problems. Without a good preseason, with a demanding schedule, many injuries … And that has led Madrid to situations that are also limits that Zidane has saved with integrity. For example, El Clásico that was won after losing against Cadiz and start badly in the Champions League. Also the double victory against Inter when it was only worth winning. None, yes, it was as final as it can be this Wednesday.

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