Zidane watches the game from Alfredo Di Stéfano's side

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Three finals, three wins. Zinedine Zidane overcomes the extreme situation in which the entity was a week ago and reaffirms himself as the ideal man for the white team. The French coach proves once again that he is the best coach the team can have Real Madrid and that from here you can build a team for the next few months. The Frenchman continues to have rope for a while with the meringues, who once again regain their aspirations to The league.

The derby against him Atlético de Madrid closed a week in which the coach’s credit had been called into question. It will be because when they want, they can. It will be because the quality of this template allows you to get out of those ups and downs without problems. Or it will be because Zidane is worth more than what his titles already show. The reality is that the whites have emerged gracefully from the three games that were going to define the future of the season and, perhaps, that of the entity.

The goals of Casemiro and Carvajal, with the help of cloud, They were a balm for the Gaul, who was seen a week ago in the pillory and answering questions about whether he would understand that the management dispensed with his services. For now, that decision is still a long way from passing through the head of Mr. Real Madrid, who saw his team once again show off superiority in a derby. The calm returns to settle in Valdebebas.

Zidane watches the game from Alfredo Di Stéfano’s side


Just the blur of Manchester It was a disappointment with the French coach in charge. Zidane, although he has been questioned, continues to display his smile in press conferences, which are the best answer to questions about doubts about his figure. That happiness for training the white club, which in his words makes him lucky, once again had its reason for being after the derby that has restored peace to Real Madrid.

Just one goal

The French coach has taken into account the criticism of recent times, but that has not been enough to stop believing in a plan that only has one objective: to win. Overcome a difficult stage with a note, complicated triumphs that remedy an extreme situation, leave the team in a good projection in Europe and has La Liga on the horizon again. First in the group in the Champions League, in the wake of the rojiblanca in the national championship; they continue to aspire to everything.

But the dominance that the team has shown in those two games has made it clear that this squad can play very well. Faced with an Atlético that had been intractable in recent days, that seemed to have no rival and that was feared by everyone, Real Madrid danced on the pitch Alfredo Di Stéfano until finding the way of the goal. The feeling of superiority was continuous, as in Seville and in the Champions League against him Gladbach.

Three finals, nine points

In seven days they have shown that they are capable of the best, after showing that they are also capable of the worst. Sevilla, Mönchengladbach and derby. Zidane closes seven days in which he not only showed that the team does want to, it can. He has also emphasized that quality shines through his lucidity at Real Madrid, that there are no better players in the world than those who are with him and that he can once again lead a squad that enters white history aspiring to everything. can aspire.

Zidane giving directions in the derby against Atlético de Madrid

Zidane giving directions in the derby against Atlético de Madrid


Madridismo has seen enough arguments in these three games to recover the illusion. It is these stages of the season that reengage the fan with the team. Zidane and his team understood that in these seven key days they were going to gain more credit than in the rest of the campaign. Now, with that backing, they have to continue with the trend that goes hand in hand with training Real Madrid; Each clash is a final and this Tuesday there is another one before him Athletic Bilbao.

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