Zinedine Zidane, with a white Real Madrid cap, in the band

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The Real Madrid you are in a really tough situation. In League has moved away from the head of the table and into the Champions League he is one game away from knowing if he does not reach the round of 16 for the first time in his history. Defeats against Alaves Y Shakhtar have been very painful, so much so that even Zinedine Zidane he is in a position of ultimatum if he wants to stay on the bench.

In Madrid, nobody wants to lose hope and Zidane is trusted to reverse the situation. There will be no relief on the bench, at least until reaching a point where disaster is a complete reality. There is no one better to get the team out of the well and in such a short time as the one that Madrid now has.

And it is that the so demanding season that 2020/2021 is being does not give a break almost to stop and think. To Madrid, after Kiev, three tough games are ahead of him in just a week and a half and in which it will be decided whether or not Zidane continues as white coach.

Zinedine Zidane, with a white Real Madrid cap, in the band


After losing to Shakhtar, they knew in the club’s dressing room and offices that the next eleven days would define the future of the team. Zidane has already been in complex situations in which his future came to be in danger, last season without going any further, but never like this. On his calendar, the first date marked is this Friday, the day he will appear at a press conference and show everyone how he feels.

“I am not going to resign,” Zidane said in Kiev. The French coach feels the responsibility of bringing the team to the surface and if the boat sinks, it sinks with it raised. He is aware that football is like that and if just a few months ago he was raising La Liga after setting a perfect season finale, now he is walking on the wire because things do not work out and the results, five defeats in 15 games, are alarming.

5-D: Seville

The first game that Zidane has ahead is that of Seville. Next Saturday, December 5, Real Madrid will travel to Sánchez Pizjuán to face the Seville club, currently fifth in the league. Fate has wanted Julen lopetegui, the coach who replaced Zidane after his departure in 2018, is the first that the Frenchman is measured with his future at stake.

Only a monumental debacle (that is, a win against) could lead to the departure of Zidane. The idea is to continue for the next two games, even so. After having added only one point of the last nine in the League, you have to win so as not to continue falling positions and unhook yourself from the head.

9-D: Borussia

The easiest rival of the three that Madrid has closest to, but the game where the nerves will be on the surface. Madrid will play it on Wednesday of next week in the Of Stefano against him Borussia Monchengladbach. Although it may seem surreal, the white team is still dependent on itself and can even be the first of the group.

Taking out the calculator, Madrid just win to go to the second round. Even the draw would be good if Inter (which is not worth the tables between Madrid and Borussia) win their match against Shakhtar. To be first, those of Zidane have to win and wait for the victory of those of Antonio Conte. The rest of the results would leave Madrid third or even fourth. If it happens, something that nobody wants to think about, it would be the end of Zidane.

12-D: Athletic

Three days later, on the same stage, it will be the Atlético de Madrid the one who comes face to face against Real Madrid. The colchoneros, who also risk their lives in the Champions League before the derby, know that they could face a final in which the resurrection of their great rival could be confirmed or the cycle of Zidane could end in the white entity. The resurgence of Zidane or Simeone’s revenge for the lost finals.

Live or die. The derby is the end point in this journey of only a week and a half in which Madrid is risking everything. The next day the sun will rise again, but nothing will be the same depending on what happens at the Di Stéfano.

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