A childish and wild Real Madrid

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Like a thoughtless child who gives away what he cannot, the Real Madrid it does not cease in its detached attitude. Also like a child, when he is aware that his mischief will have consequences, he makes an effort to remedy what cannot always be remedied, to try to appease the severity of those who judge him. And also, immaturely and irresponsibly, the same mistakes continue to be made, reflections of an inappropriate attitude from an experienced coach and players.

The setback is not huge, but the defeat is an unforeseen setback. The title at stake was less, although the occasion was propitious to get a haven in the climate that surrounds Real Madrid. And, in addition, to generate a necessary load of confidence in a team of irregular march. Neither the one nor the other, because some habits are repeated in such an insistent and irritating way that they condemn without remission the result of the effort.

Long ago, almost since this team began to write its legend, that Madrid Zidane is late for too many meetings. He likes to flirt with suspense, postpone the solution with hesitant beginnings, without energy, which distort the results more assiduously than his quality and prestige demand. Gifts that opponents appreciate and do not usually return.

The tendency to disorder and monotony continue to appear frequently, an apparent contradiction that does not turn out to be so in practice. On the one hand, the team plays the same game too long during the game, moving the ball horizontally and without overwhelming the defense. Yesterday, Hazard left without a place, his plot occupied by the continuous movements of Benzema in its false nine condition. AND Mendy, magnificent defender, he is too flat in attack, far from the quality he had Marcelo in this ambit.

On the other hand, the team breaks more than it should in these times in which each rival scrutinizes Madrid’s weak points: either because their first line of pressure is exceeded, or because the overload of troops on the sides leaves free spaces for your back. Those who should run to cover those gaps don’t, so the defense manages as best it can and, almost every game, Courtois excels with great saves.

Even so, the reaction of strength and habitual dedication is undeniable, in which yesterday the cross came out. Good opportunities with shots on the post by Asensio and a goal disallowed against Benzema that was a jewel. To be honest, the Athletic had a chance more than Courteous he deflected with his endless arm.

An opportunity that was wasted, and one more opportunity to review some repeated mistakes and an erratic attitude. Zidane insists with his own, faithful to his principle of keeping his veteran soldiers, colleagues in a thousand battles, whatever happens. Perhaps it is necessary to give a return to this matter, since fidelity is commendable, but when it becomes blind, the responsibility of whoever grants it is in question. And with good reason the coach declared after the match that you can’t always win. But it would also be convenient not to always lose the same.



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