Praise, a three for one for Real Madrid

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He Real Madrid accelerate to tie to David Alaba. From January 1 at 00:00, the Austrian is free to negotiate with the team he wants, although the Bayern Munich It had given him permission to do so from before after failing in his attempts to close his renovation. The whites would prepare a four-year offer at a rate of just over 10 million euros per season to convince Alaba.

Alaba’s name has already been linked to Madrid years ago, although his signing was never close to avoiding a war with Bayern. Alaba offered himself a long time ago and now he has in his hand to sign for Real Madrid. In the merengue entity they know that he is a player who cannot escape for various reasons. The first is its price: a 65 million euro footballer who would be free in the summer upon completion of the contract.

Although the reasons do not end there, since in sports it is a strategic signing. To sign Alaba would be to sign a footballer who can play up to three positions and can offer more possibilities to Zinedine Zidane when choosing a starting eleven. All this for a 28-year-old who has been a Bayern Munich starter for a decade and has two Champions League in his record.

Praise, a three for one for Real Madrid

Alaba started in the last Champions League final against him PSG. He did it as a center-back, a position he had known for a long time and in which he has been a fixture at Bayern Munich since the explosion of Alphonso davies on the left-handed side.

Madrid would sign Alaba, mainly, to play central. It would be a great addition to Sergio Ramos, which has yet to be renewed, and Early, who would be pressured to be a starter. He could form a pair with either of the two, although his style is more similar to that of the French central defender, a clean central defender. He has not seen a single red card in his sports career.

Praise, a three for one for Real Madrid

Praise, a three for one for Real Madrid

Alaba grew up at Bayern as a left back. It was in this position that the Austrian player established himself in the elite of European football and in which he won his first Champions League with the Bavarian club in the 2012/2013 season. As a center-back, he has given even better performance, but Alaba would be a perfect wild card for Madrid for that position.

Keep in mind that Madrid need to reinforce the left side. Marcelo, who has lowered his level and plays less than ever with Zidane, has indisputably lost his position against Ferland mendy. To this day, it is not known what will happen to the Brazilian, if he will leave in the summer or not, and Alaba is key in the face of uncertainty.

Praise, a three for one for Real Madrid

Praise, a three for one for Real Madrid

Finally, Alaba can also play in the center of the field. It is less common to see him in this position although in his last game, against him Bayer Leverkusen, started from there. Can adapt to two roles as a midfielder, replacement Casemiro or forming a pair of two with someone more organizational (Kroos or Modric).

Alaba could serve as a substitute for a Casemiro who still lacks pure replacement in the team as a more defensive midfielder and behind on the pitch. The last thing that has been seen of him as a midfielder was on December 19 accompanying Tolisso. The Austrian would be an emergency solution for Real Madrid’s midfield.

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