Sergio Ramos, on arrival in Pamplona

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The storm ‘Filomena‘has shaken the Peninsula and the football of the weekend is in serious danger. One of those who has been able to verify it best has been the Real Madrid, who got stuck on Friday evening in the Baraja’s airport for almost four hours. This Saturday, at 9:00 p.m., his match against Osasuna, although at this time their dispute is a total unknown.

Real Madrid went through an ordeal to reach Pamplona and it may have been just the first chapter of his odyssey this weekend. The white club advanced its flight to Friday on the recommendation of The league and in Barajas he found the snowy and frozen runways, which prevented the aircraft from taking off and even landing (see Athletic who had to turn around on his flight to the capital).

All so that it is not known if the game can be played or not. The uncertainty and everything that surrounds the clash makes it a ‘cheat’ match, from the confusion about their dispute to what has already been overcome and what may be to come. At the moment, a few hours after its theoretical start, LaLiga maintains that it is being played despite the fact that forecasts point to a great snowfall in Pamplona at the time of the game.

Sergio Ramos, on arrival in Pamplona

The mental factor will be key in a game in which three points are at stake as in any other. Madrid, which tries to ‘hunt’ the Athletics in League, it will be even more difficult under the snow, which practically cancels almost any favoritism. And, of course, we must take into account the wear and tear, both psychological and physical, which the Madrid squad has had to face due to their ‘lockdown’ in Barajas.

The Madrid expedition ended up very angry about their trip to Pamplona, ​​organized by LaLiga. The white club had to travel this Saturday, but the entity that presides Javier Tebas He wanted me to travel on Friday to avoid an unforeseen event. A decision that meant that the players were locked in the plane for almost four hours and without receiving any type of communication from LaLiga.

Less rest for Madrid in a panorama of uncertainty. An extra effort in case of playing this Saturday, although if the forecasts are met there will be no other than to play on Sunday at 12:00. That is plan B, although it was also rumored that it will be played this Saturday at 12:00 hours to avoid a possible cancellation due to the snowfall in Pamplona. Nobody knows anything and that plays against the interests of Madrid, which could start as a clear favorite in The Sadar under normal conditions.

Risk of injury

Finally, there is the Zidane board and to what extent it can be seen affected by the storm. Madrid will have to be very careful to play and the risk of injury could be higher depending on the pitch, although up to 40 people would be prepared to remove the snow from the line. Players like Hazard, who come out of injury, might have to be reserved in extreme conditions.

“We want to play. That the field is well and play, but we will see what happens tomorrow,” Zidane said at a press conference. There was no choice but to prepare for the game and travel, but now there in Pamplona there is still nothing known for sure, including when everyone will be able to return home.

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