Luka Doncic dunks in the first game of the 2020/2021 NBA season

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Doncic wound catapulted the Dallas mavericks to a long-suffering triumph against Denver nuggets (117-124) and after the game he spoke at the foot of the court with Shaquille O’Neal and Charles barkley. Shaq asked him about the American or European model, under which he had grown up, and the Slovenian’s answer has already been framed by many Madridistas.

“Luka, you are a young player. We love how you play. Have you grown more with the North American model or with the European one?” Shaq would say. “A bit of everything. Of course I have seen LeBron but I have also had great teammates in Spain like Sergio Llull, Rudy Fernández or Felipe Reyes. The Spaniards were very good teammates. I learned a lot from them,” Doncic replied, citing the three Madridistas .

In addition, he wanted to remember a rival: “Spanoulis would also say. I don’t know if you know him, but he played for Olympiacos. But he’s a bit of that. A bit of each player,” he added. The journalist was struck by Doncic’s madridismo and asked if he was also a Real Madrid fan in football. His answer is already viral: “Of course. I was there seven years. It’s my basketball and soccer team.”

Doncic also spoke of the meeting at the end of this and assured EFE That defense and sticking together was the key to coming out of overtime victorious. “Being together and defending: that’s what gave us the victory in extra time,” summed up the Slovenian at the press conference after the match.

Doncic threw claw and epic, and stroked the triple-double with 38 points (13 of 22 shooting), 13 assists, 9 rebounds and 4 steals versus 8 losses.

Luka Doncic dunks in the first game of the 2020/2021 NBA season


The Mavericks star started the game somewhat erratic and also with slight problems in his left ankle, but after the break the Doncic of the big nights appeared and scored 9 points in overtime that were definitive to defeat the Nuggets.

The Texans seemed to have settled the game with two seconds left in the fourth quarter with a triple by Maxi Kleber, but an excellent Nikola Jokic (38 points and 11 rebounds) scored a saving basket for the Nuggets that forced extra time.

Mavs squeeze

In this sense, Doncic appreciated that the Mavericks are gaining confidence to solve tight games. “The truth is that we have not been good in those moments (in the last two seasons), but I think we are growing,” he said. “We are not there yet, there is a long way to go. But I think we are going to that point,” he added.

Doncic also spoke of his weak first half, where he suffered a tough defense from a tireless Gary Harris. “I was frustrated (at halftime) because I took the last shots very badly. I couldn’t find my teammates, I shouldn’t take those shots,” he admitted. “The losses have been my problem that I must improve,” he added.

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