Achraf in a match for Inter Milan in the 2020/2021 Champions League

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He Real Madrid will not receive the 10 million euros for the transfer of Achraf until the month of March. It is the agreement that has been reached with the Italian club, which will have to pay in several installments the 40 ‘kilos’ that the trapaso of the merengue side meant to the Italian entity. Inter are not going through good economic times because of the Covid-19 and in recent weeks that agreement has been reached with the Madrid club.

As you advance The Republicca, the first payment agreed with Real Madrid should have been made in December. Ten million euros that were the first of the four payments that the Italian team will make in the coming dates. However, Inter could not undertake that operation and in recent weeks managed to close an agreement with Real Madrid to postpone it to March 30.

Achraf’s transfer was confirmed on July 2. A transfer that had already been rumored and that was certified after its successful transfer in the Borussia of Dortmund. The German team allowed the defender to take a step forward and from the Italian entity they did not hesitate to bet on his potential. Five seasons and 40 million euros were the fault that Real Madrid accepted an irresistible offer for a player who had no place in the team of Zidane.

Achraf in a match for Inter Milan in the 2020/2021 Champions League


These first months have been very satisfactory for the player and, above all, for the Italian team. So much so that in the transalpine country there is already talk of Achraf as one of the best full-backs in the competition and among the greats in the world. Ronaldo NazarioWithout going any further, he recently spoke about the mistake of letting Achraf leave Real Madrid.

The one who was a player in both teams assured that the meringues were wrong “losing Achraf.” “Inter signed an extraordinary player and Madrid made a mistake losing Achraf in that way, “he stressed in an interview. However, in the current Real Madrid there was no space in either side.

The crisis of Inter

The Italian entity has gone from fighting for Leo messi in summer not being able to pay their players. Therefore, as it collects the information from The RepubliccaIn recent days a meeting has taken place between the club’s leadership to report on payments to players and coaching staff. Inter still owes the wages of July and August, but it has already transmitted to all those affected that before February 16 they will have paid all the pending chips.

If Inter do not keep their word, the A series could sanction them for exceeding the maximum period allowed. The problem will be, beyond those two entries, in what may happen with the months of November and December. According to the Italian newspaper, the dialogue between the squad and the club is still open. The locker room heavyweights are taking it upon themselves to keep the peace in the team, primarily among the newer players at the club.

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