Haaland laments during a Borussia Dortmund match

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Erling haaland he will be the man of the next transfer market. Although some clubs expect him for 2022, where there is supposedly a clause that would reduce its cost considerably. Still, the player might want to rush into this summer of 2021. From the Borussia Dortmund do not recommend that you do it and you have done it through Hans-Joachim Watzke in the interview published this Monday by the newspaper Kicker.

“If Erling leaves us, it’s to go to a bigger club and he’s not ready for that yet. If you choose to go to a club like him Real Madrid, for example, you have to be a world-class footballer, “explained the CEO of the Ruhr area as a whole. The reality is that he has all the lights on and that there are many clubs that, if the opportunity presents itself, want to become with their services.There appear the whites, although they have always thought of 2022.

Real Madrid has on that famous agenda both Mbappe like Haaland high above, but he knows how difficult both operations will have. In addition, it will be necessary to deal, in the case of the Norwegian, with Mino Raiola. “Erling and his agent know what we have. But I can advise you to do as Lewandowski, to leave here already become a world star and that cannot be achieved in a single year “, argues Watzke putting to Robert as an example, another that could reach the merengue entity.

Haaland laments during a Borussia Dortmund match


Whites continue to try to alleviate the harsh circumstances created by the pandemic of the Covid-19. This has complicated in a very serious way to be able to make a big signing in this 2021, although if there was the possibility that one of the two would bet everything to reach the Santiago Bernabeu, I could try to make the effort. In any case, 2022 looks like a new galactic year at Real Madrid.

And Sancho?

Another Borussia player was at the time in the orbit of Real Madrid. “Subconsciously, Jadon she had probably already prepared a little for that change. I think he had thought so much about it that he lost his cool. In any case, I have found him trying very hard for weeks. I think he needs two or three good games in a row, then things will quickly improve again. He is still one of the greatest talents out there, “revealed Watzke.

English is not a priority for the white team, in fact, everything indicated that this last summer he would go to the Manchester United. Big moves are coming at Borussia Dortmund in the coming months. The departure of Sancho will surely occur in 2021, that of Haaland is still a great unknown. Meanwhile, the Queen, Moukoko and Reinier they will have to step forward to show that there is a future in this part of the Ruhr. The inexhaustible talent factory makes these exits of great players not so traumatic. Although the Norwegian, obviously, will be when it occurs.

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