Adi Hütter, Eintracht Frankfurt coach, and Luka Jovic

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TO Zinedine Zidane She is chased by the ‘9’ debate even with the departure of Luka jovic of the Real Madrid. The transfer of the Serbian, among other things, served to settle an issue that seemed entrenched on the white bench for weeks. Zidane did not have the forward and his loan to Eintracht Frankfurt It served as a source of minutes for the player and an almost relief for the coach.

However, it took Jovic just half an hour to score two goals with his new team, the same ones he scored in the season and a half with Real Madrid. In the white club they hope that it continues like this and the Serbian swells with goals before returning (the transfer does not have a purchase option), but the circumstance of what happened this Sunday has caused that some have been quick to throw themselves at Zidane’s neck.

Is it Zidane’s responsibility that Jovic scores the same goals in 28 minutes as in 1,014 ‘with Real Madrid? For some, yes, including Eintracht himself (“You just had to put it …”, he devoted acidity from his account in Spanish to Zidane). The reality is that Zidane has given Jovic few opportunities, but in the fact that he did not triumph in white, factors just as or more important come into play.

Adi Hütter, Eintracht Frankfurt coach, and Luka Jovic


The first would be the psychological. Playing for Madrid, with his shield and his shirt, is made for a select few and the responsibility that it entails was perhaps too much for a Jovic who came to the team with only 21 years and with 27 goals and 60 million euros as a burden. It is also fair to say that Jovic is better suited to La Liga football. Bundesliga than to The league, where teams lock themselves in and make it more difficult for rival forwards.

Still, this ‘9’ debate (with or without Jovic) has become a continuous headache for Zidane. The season started with the need to choose between Jovic and Borja Mayoral, as Mariano He didn’t seem ready to leave. The French coach seemed to lean towards the youth squad, but in the end it was he who went on loan to Roma where he adds six goals and four assists.

Then came a small handful of opportunities for Jovic who could not transform them into goals and, after catching the coronavirus and suffering an injury, he was overtaken by Mariano as the team’s second forward. Without minutes, the last thing he played was the final moments of the match against Valencia on November 8. Zidane opened the doors for him and Jovic took the suitcases with the aim of meeting again in Germany.

Mariano, with the black Real Madrid shirt

Mariano, with the black Real Madrid shirt

The future

Ahead, there are six months to redirect the situation. Both in Madrid and in Frankfurt. Zidane needs goals up front to accompany Benzema’s and will no longer have to choose between Mariano or Jovic. The Hispanic-Dominican hopes to have something more continuity as the revulsive of the white attack. Almost a couple of thousand kilometers away, Jovic’s goal will be to enjoy scoring goals again.

Until summer it will not be known how the story continues. The future of each will depend on what is shown in six months and on how the situation is in the white club by then, both in sports and economically with respect to signings. The priority, yes, is to settle this debate that has been haunting Zidane since his return to the Real Madrid bench.

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