Casemiro and Sergio Ramos greet each other

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He Real Madrid failed to get past the goalless draw against Osasuna in a Be aware completely frozen. The storm Filomena that almost leaves whites unable to travel until Pamplona He has accompanied them during the last hours and in the match against the rojillo team he has continued to be the protagonist, since it has not stopped snowing for a single minute.

The cold and the large amount of precipitation that fell in the form of snow left the grass in a really complicated state, making soccer practice almost impossible. Even so, Madrid arrived in the Navarrese city and jumped onto the grass to do what they could best and it was not until after the crash that some harshly criticized LaLiga for having allowed all this circus, both what happened with the trip and having had to play yes or yes in these conditions.

The party of the Zidane It was not good at all, and the players have recognized it at the end of 90 minutes, despite the fact that they have made merits to take the victory by scoring two goals, both annulled for offside, and causing a clear penalty on Casemiro. The Brazilian was knocked down by Oier within the area, but the referee did not indicate the maximum penalty.

Casemiro and Sergio Ramos greet each other

The league

Even so, Toni Kroos, who analyzed the team’s performance at the end of the game, was quite sincere and did not want to make any excuses, despite the fact that the team has them: “We create few chances. With our quality we have to create more, even if the field is difficult. We knew there was going to be a rival who was going to defend like this. “

Kroos, no excuses

The main excuse, without a doubt, was the poor state of the pitch. Despite the tireless work of all Osasuna staff throughout the day, Spain is being hit by one of the worst storms that have been experienced in the last 50 years. Therefore, that the grass was frozen and with snow was inevitable. Still, Kroos doesn’t want excuses: “The field is no excuse, both teams have played on this field.”

Benzema, in the disallowed goal during the match against Osasuna

Benzema, in the disallowed goal during the match against Osasuna


Kroos believes that the team lacked calm and especially finding spaces at the top, since the defensive system devised by Jagoba Arrasate the central area collapsed and left spaces on the sides that Luke neither Mendy They were able to take advantage: “We lost the ball very quickly at the top, it was difficult to play in the middle. Mendy, for example, had more space than the players at the top.”

Ultimately, the German midfielder from Real Madrid assured that they have to work to be able to better face this type of matches, since not even with the changes could a change in the duel trend be seen, so it was very difficult to get a result positive: “With the changes we seek to change what we lacked before. But this time they did not change much, it is true. We cannot be happy with the result, because we fight to be first. The draw does not help.”

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