Joan Laporta's canvas near the Santiago Bernabéu

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Joan Laporta is running as the great favorite in the elections to the presidency of the FC Barcelona. The one who was the maximum leader of the Barça entity in his day wants to return and in his campaign it seems that he Real Madrid is the protagonist to capture more votes. First was the gigantic banner that hung with his face a few meters from the Santiago Bernabeu and now they are some controversial words against the white club.

BRAND has interviewed Laporta, who accuses the WHERE to favor Real Madrid: “If a Martian comes down to Earth and sees the VAR, I would quickly say that he is from Real Madrid,” he said. Some statements that seem to be directed to the most staunch Catalans to get their support. The most transgressive Laporta is back and is going with everything to win the elections on January 24.

The former president of Barcelona has also spoken about his famous giant canvas at the Santiago Bernabéu. That generated a lot of debate, although the Catalans seemed to agree that it was a magisterial move by the candidate. Laporta explains that movement: “The canvas has a sense of humor and irony that can be accepted. It is not to provoke, it is to mark a profile. I think they have accepted it with humor and sympathy,” he says about how he was able to seat the madridismo.

Joan Laporta’s canvas near the Santiago Bernabéu


Convinces Messi

In the interview with BRAND, Laporta also talks about the most important sporting issues: the future of Leo Messi and the current situation with Ronald Koeman. Of the Argentine, he believes he is better positioned than his rivals for the presidency to convince him: “I have an advantage, with Leo I have credibility. He always tells me that everything I promised him was fulfilled. He knows that if I give my word, I comply.”

Messi, who since Friday is free to negotiate with whoever he wants, is back in the news since his recent interview with Jordi Évole, in which he said he had not made a final decision. Laporta believes that this helps him find time to convince him to renew and continue as culé.

Finally, Laporta, unlike Ronald Koeman, believes that not everything has been said in La Liga despite the current points difference: “In football, anything can happen. Football is a state of mind and what now seems complicated can change. And that is what we will try if I am elected president because at Barça there are no transition years. “

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