Laporta reveals if he received an offer from Real Madrid for Messi

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The elections of Barça they’re at their hottest. Although the postponement of the date of 24E is already a reality, the candidates have confirmed their projects after presenting the required signatures, although this Thursday they will have to be validated. Joan Laporta he went through the microphones of the SER string, specifically in those of The spar, to assess the timeliness of this process, talk about his project and make a confession like the one he made about Leo messi.

The Argentine is a fundamental piece in these elections, since it will be necessary to convince him to continue belonging to the Barça discipline. Even so, this Tuesday, Laporta spoke about an alleged offer from the Real Madrid by the Argentine during his previous stage as president of the entity. “No, I had no knowledge. Inter yes. It was an amount for which another president might have shown a weakness. They were talking about the clause, I said no and they went up, “said the Catalan.

Focused on the future and not on the past, Laporta bets because he is the candidate with the most advantage to convince the ’10’. “He is not guided by money, he wants to win again Champions. I will tell Messi that he will like the sports project a lot, I will make a proposal that he can fulfill and he knows it. You cannot fool him like in past seasons. We have a relationship of mutual appreciation. If he says no, Barça continues. But it is something that I do not contemplate. He wants to stay, “Laporta explained.

In addition, they asked him what the culé player had said about his famous banner in the capital of Spain, but he limited himself to saying that they did not make him enter those topics. Regarding that campaign movement, he revealed that he could have another motto. “They proposed another phrase to me: A great team deserves the best rival. But I preferred the desire to see you again, it’s more direct. It marks what my personality is,” snapped the culé presidential candidate.

The Super League

Laporta also explained his position regarding the European Super League how much has been talked about in recent months. “Football and the football business can be burdened. From my experience, the Super League has always been tried and has never come out. I am open to being explained, but I understand that there will be a reaction from UEFA“argued the man who has submitted the most signatures among the candidates for the presidency with more than 10,000.

Regarding his fight against Victor Font, believes that Barça will only be in good hands with him and that, despite those results with the signatures, he is “with winning morale” but “without lowering his guard” or trusting.

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