Paul Pogba and the Manchester United crest

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Pogba will stop being a player of Manchester United at the end of the season. The English club has already assumed that its star does not want to continue playing in Old trafford and, therefore, you accept that you will have to close a transfer to not let you go free. The French midfielder, one of the great talents of world football, has several suitors. He Real Madrid, which became interested, is your desired destination.

The operation will not occur until the summer. Pogba himself went out to the crossroads of all the rumors to send a message to the fans. He would not walk away in this winter market and asked to stop thinking about the future. His representative, who revealed that his time at United was over, also stressed that his departure would not take place in the winter market.

After that, as published Mirror, Manchester United is clear that they will have to sell Pogba due to his refusal to sign a new contract next season. Pogba finished his pairing in 2021, although there was an option to extend the contractual relationship until 2022. A process that United activated a few months ago given the rumors that began to emerge. However, that expansion will not take place again and the speculation about who will get Pogba’s services has already begun.

Paul Pogba and the Manchester United crest


In recent weeks, plagued by rumors about his situation, there was talk of 60 million euros as transfer price. An amount that, given the situation of a market affected by the economic crisis generated by the Covid-19, falls within the usual figures for a player like Pogba.

Real Madrid is the main candidate for his signing. Not because of the intention of the club, which has always been related to the player, but because of Pogba’s own claims. It was the French player who, during the concentration of the French team, confessed that he wanted to wear white sooner rather than later. Pogba described his possible signing for Real Madrid as a “dream“that every player would like to fulfill.

His statements, which generated an earthquake in the continental market, did not sit well at Manchester United. And is that his words increased doubts about what would happen to his future. Finally, it is taken for granted that he will not continue in the British club and it only remains to know who will take over his transfer next season.

Other options

In addition to Real Madrid, clubs like Juventus of Turin They are among the destinations with the most possibilities. In the Italian club Pogba stood out and, now with Pirlo at the helm, they see with good eyes to recover their star. There was even talk in the Italian media of a player swap which would save considerable funds.

Madrid and Juventus would be joined by entities such as PSG, in full transformation after the arrival of Pochettino. Tuchel’s substitute coach has the obligation to bring a team to the top PSG which still does not become Europe’s fearsome rival despite its constant investments in the market.

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