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It wasn’t last year and neither will this year. There will not be Classic at the end of the Spain Supercup, since if last January was the Barcelona the one who fell in the semifinals, has now been the Real Madrid the one who has lost. The whites couldn’t with him Athletic, who will face Barça in the grand final of The Cartuja of Seville the next Sunday.

Two blunders of Lucas Vazquez they were used by the Bilbao team to score two goals up before the break. Raul Garcia he removed the ‘thorn’ from what happened in the league match between both teams, in which he was expelled practically at the first exchange.

Navarrese doublet that left the match sentenced or almost, since in the second half Karim Benzema cut distances, although before that Marco Asensio crashed the ball up to two times in the posts of the goal defended by Unai simon. The controversy was also present in The Rose Garden, though Manolo lama has focused on the situation of Vinicius and in the decisions of Zidane.

The journalist stressed that Vinicius seems different, seems to have lost strength, joy, that smile that manages to lift the fans. And, as Lama has pointed out, the Brazilian winger knows that it does not matter what he does because he is not going to win a place as one of Zizou’s titular theorists. Regarding the French coach, he has stated that although he understands him, he believes that he is wrong to rotate less than in previous courses.

Vinicius loses his smile

Vinicius has perceived that whatever he does, Zidane will not count on him “.

Less rotations

“I think it is a mistake that Zidane does not rotate.”

Headlines that do not respond

“There were substitutes who have responded, but he puts some headlines who do not respond.”

Understand Zidane

“I understand Zidane. Zidane with the eleven that he plays as headlines, he has won. And I say the eleven even though there is some change. And I think he believes that with those eleven he can continue winning.”

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