Varane against Iñaki Williams, at Real Madrid - Athletic de La Liga

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Marcelino became the new coach of the Athletic On January 4 and just over a week later, he can win his first title as coach of the Bilbao team. The lions face the Real Madrid this Thursday in the second semifinal of the Spain Supercup and to talk about the meeting, the technician spoke at a press conference.

Two games for the title

“We are two games away from winning the tournament. It is what we want, but it is undoubted that the game has a lot of difficulty. The degree of enthusiasm is maximum. Real Madrid is the favorite, but that in no case should take away the conviction of being able to win Achieving a title for these footballers that we have and making the fans behind us proud with this option and the one that we will have later is a great satisfaction. We have 90 minutes to go to the final and we want our fans to feel proud of it”.

Own identity

“We always want to be ourselves, but at the same time we are clear about who we are facing. The objective is always to win. We have to try to instill, develop and show a series of concepts, some similar to the previous work, and others that we want to add. We will be satisfied, first by winning and then if we continuously do what we did in the first 20 minutes against Barcelona. We are very satisfied with what we have done these days with the team. It has been very good for us to be able to train because it is the best way to meet the players. “

Varane against Iñaki Williams, at Real Madrid – Athletic de La Liga


Iñaki Williams

“With us he will play most of the games as a forward. We like fast, deep forwards and in him we have a great player with those characteristics. He will be able to play on the wing at specific moments, but not the other way around. The priority is that he plays He has an important performance and … I’m going to say it by touching wood, don’t get injured! We want to reach him and convince him that he is a very important player for Athletic and very influential in the team’s performance. ” .

Real Madrid – Athletic de Liga

“Those first minutes – until the expulsion of Raúl García – can serve as a reference, but they are different games. We are in a very short competition, but I am convinced that in various aspects of the game there will be similarities. We believe we know Real Madrid well already At the same time, we know that when the possibility of a title is played, it has shown for years that its competitive level increases. We will try to make us as few chances as possible and when we have the ball attack their goal because they overturn many players in attack and have high sides If we have good judgment after recovery we can create danger. They will have to be disorganized. Sometimes if you make them run backwards you create problems for them. “


“When Athletic called us to be the coaching staff of this historic club, we knew what was happening. It behooves us to comment that the credit goes to the footballers and Gaizka Garitano, who are the ones who reached the Cup final. These are circumstances that exist. Life may not be fair, but we are the ones leading the team at this time. We always remember that there was a teammate with his coaching staff and other footballers who are not there and who are more protagonists than me and this coaching staff. “

Marcelino giving directions

Marcelino giving directions

The league

Real Madrid complaints about playing in Pamplona

“Each coach knows how his team works and the response to certain situations. Zidane will know which situation is more or less beneficial. Just as we are two games away from winning a title and that is above any adverse situation that these have experienced. days”.

Renovation of Sergio Ramos

“I don’t think there is a coach in the world who doubts Sergio’s worth.”

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