David Alaba, with Austria

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David Alaba will become the first signing of the Real Madrid 2021. The white club works on the incorporation of the wild card of Bayern Munich, who ends his contract next June. His refusal to renew caused the Bavarian team to tire of him, to the point of accepting that as of January 1 he was free to negotiate with any other club.

Own Rummenigge He commented last December that he did not care if it was with Real Madrid or with anyone else, that the player was “free” to negotiate with whoever he wanted. “I don’t know the rumors. He is free to negotiate with whoever he wants from January 1, “the Bayern Munich director said in a statement to the media. Sport 1.

Well, January 1 has arrived and Alaba is now free to negotiate. Real Madrid wants to get ahead of their possible rivals. And is that the Austrian footballer is one of the best valued players in recent years, especially for his versatility, since he can act as a left-back, as a central defender or even advance his position to play as a midfielder.

David Alaba, with Austria


From the white house they have already studied the strategy to follow and are very close to closing the operation that will take Alaba to the Santiago Bernabeu. An operation at zero cost, for which the defender will play in the merengue team for the next four seasons. One of the differences was the token, but, finally, the Austrian will receive 10 million euros for each campaign.

The next few days seem key for the negotiations to come to fruition. Real Madrid has the ‘ok’ of Zinedine Zidane to the operation. He is seen as a perfect complement for the defense, being able to act as a third guarantee center and be the relay of Sergio Ramos when he is no longer on the white team. In addition, to reinforce that left back that has been so discussed.

Alaba is from the ’92 generation. He does not turn 29 until June 24, a few days before being free to be registered by any other team. In Transfermarkt It has a market value of 65 million euros, hence it is seen as one of the great bargains of the transfer window, since it will reach zero cost at the end of the contract.

David Alaba, in a Bayern Munich match

David Alaba, in a Bayern Munich match


At 28, the Austrian international has already accumulated more than 400 games for Bayern Munich behind him. 404 to be exact at this point, in which he has managed to score 32 goals and distribute 49 assists. A defender who when he plays as a center-back can be likened to Early, fast to cut and very clean, having not seen a red card in his entire career and only 17 yellow cards.

Broken relationships

Relations between Bayern Munich and David Alaba broke down several weeks ago. The long of the footballer at a certain moment ended the patience of the Bavarians, who decided then that they would no longer put any renewal offer on the footballer’s table.

“We presented him with a very good and fair offer, especially considering the times. We told Alaba’s agent, during the recent meeting, that we would like to have an answer by the end of October. We need to be able to make plans in a such an important position, “they said from Bayern. To which Alaba replied that he learned everything from the news.

A disagreement that ended Alaba’s career at Bayern and a golden option in the transfer market for Real Madrid. The whites accelerate the operation to be able to close it in the coming days. The numbers are already square and also those of the Austrian’s contract. The outcome may be known very soon.

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