Contact between Araujo and Cristiano Ronaldo for which they called a penalty

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Sports world has interviewed Ronald araujo, the fashion player in the Barcelona. The young Uruguayan central defender has settled on the plans of Ronald Koeman and talks about his time in the first team. He also reveals how the first call from the Barça club took place and discovers that the Real Madrid She knocked on his door, although he didn’t know it at the time.

“I remember. I was in Uruguay, I was taking a nap, I remember it was a Thursday and suddenly I had a call from my representative. I knew I was in Europe, but I didn’t know where I was. […] And he says’ get ready, you’re coming here on Sunday. I said ‘to here where’. And he said ‘I’d rather not tell you’. And I said ‘no, tell me’ “, he tells about how he found out that Barça loved him.

“And he told me that there was a possibility of reaching Barça, that there were also other offers, and I was very happy, very excited, I got up, called my parents, which was the first thing I always did, and I was very happy but had to wait that more things were given to be able to take Barça “, he adds about that moment.

Contact between Araujo and Cristiano Ronaldo for which they called a penalty


Real Madrid loved him too, but Araujo didn’t find out until later: “There were several offers and at the time he didn’t tell me that one was from Madrid. Later on I did know that there was an offer from Madrid, as well as from other teams, but happy to have arrived at Barça and to continue here “.

Suárez’s advice

Among other things he tells, Araujo remembers his compatriot Luis Suárez as the player who gave him the most advice at the beginning of his stage as a culé: “The best advice was given to me by Luis Suárez. He told me to enjoy the moment and to learn from the best, “he says about the now Atlético de Madrid forward.

Araujo also talks about his relationship with Koeman: “Since the preseason we have worked a lot, the coach knows a lot at the defensive level because he played there. He tells us in each training session things to do and things to correct, we watch and analyze videos of the games and the goals against to be able to correct and that it does not happen again, explains.

“It is one of the characteristics that I have, character, imposing, and I think it is something nice because it helps me and helps the team. I like to be talking at all times,” he said about his leader profile.

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