Nacho Fernández, against Achraf

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Ronaldo Nazario it is an institution in world football. The Brazilian footballer is considered one of the best strikers in history and one of the best players ever. Therefore, their opinions and ideas are always taken into account and highly respected.

Now, after having left football professionally a few years ago and after leaving his magic in countries like Brazil, Holland, Italy or Spain, ‘the phenomenon’ has gone over to the world of management to lead a club like the Real Valladolid. However, he still has many of the teams in which he played during his successful career.

The two clubs that most marked him during his career in European football were the Inter Milan and the Real Madrid. For this reason, he has expressed his opinion on an operation that was carried out last summer between both groups, the departure of Achraf Hackimi Course to Milan and from the capital of Spain.

Nacho Fernández, against Achraf

The Moroccan footballer, a regular on the right side, but whose versatility allows him to also play on the left, had two very successful seasons in the Borussia Dortmund where he became one of the most sought-after lanes of all Europe. For this reason, given the doubts of Real Madrid to incorporate him into its squad and be able to slow down his progression by being covered by players like Carvajal, Inter decided to bid for his purchase and ended up taking it.

Ronaldo, who is in love with the Moroccan, assures that this operation was a mistake: “Inter signed an extraordinary player and Madrid made a mistake losing Achraf in that way. Every now and then I think RonnieImagine you and Hakimi, we would go very fast … ‘I dare say that he is one of the best Inter signings in the last ten years. ”That was how forceful the Brazilian was.

This reflection and this compliment towards Achraf have come in an interview for the Italian media of The Gazzetta dello Sport on the occasion of the match between Juventus and Inter Milan in the A series. The clash will be played this Sunday and two of the top candidates will be present to win the top scorer trophy in the Italian league, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lukaku.

“They are very different, with one thing in common. When you have players like them, it is difficult for you not to rely on them. Especially one like Lukaku. I don’t know if Cristiano will continue playing at 40, but he will surely try. A different player compared to when I saw him in Madrid, he has learned to manage his body and, however, there is one thing that remains the same. He can be little protagonist for almost an entire game and then decide in a minute that he can hurt you ” .

Cristiano Ronaldo

“They have always liked important games, because they are the ones that are remembered the most. Like their records, they interest them. They say they are an obsession, but for me they are their gasoline.

The Argentine cracks

Ronaldo also spoke of a pair of Argentine players who can be decisive in the game, Lautaro Martinez and Dybala: “I like Lautaro because he is not afraid of anything, because he is determined when he plays. If you get distracted for a moment, he will not forgive you. Because he shoots well, he has a scoring nose, a pure striker, with forward eyes.”

“I saw Dybala in the correct shape, wanting to invent. And that high heel to ChurchAgainst Milan, it seemed like a sign to me. It’s a shame. If Dybala plays, it’s easier to watch good football. “

The last accolades from the Brazilian soccer legend went to Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala’s coach, Andrea Pirlo, who like him played for Inter and Milan: “I saw him on the pitch, up close. He had superior football intelligence and that doesn’t change just because you go to the bench. He will never propose a banal game and the team must follow him. He will need a little time, but Juventus bet on Andrea and I think they will give it to him. “

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