Sergio Ramos, during the derby against Atlético de Madrid

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Be the captain of the Real Madrid is one of the most responsible positions in world football, something that he combines with the same degree in the Selection. There are already 16 seasons that he has been at the merengue club where he has lifted 22 titles, which are added to the achievements achieved with Spain where have both gotten Euro Cups and the world. He doesn’t stop breaking records with his numbers, but Sergio Ramos wants more in 2021.

The one of Beds He has been the protagonist in this end of 2020 due to the rumors launched with his future. The player ends his contract at the end of the season and there are many who place the merengue captain outside the structure. The reality is quite different since both parties are calm with their situation, there is a good relationship between them and they all trust that, once the budgets for the season have been approved, everything will come to fruition.

With calm waters, Ramos will be focused on continuing to make history with the club, but also with the team he leads Luis Enrique. The postponement of the major championships to 2021 will make this year one of the most momentous of his career. Although the Sevillian has won everything in his career, continuing to grow those numbers that have already forged a legend is the main objective of the also captain of The Red.

Sergio Ramos, during the derby against Atlético de Madrid


Step by step, the first thing you want to achieve is that Real Madrid and Zidane have a great season again in which titles are once again protagonists. He is also concerned with this issue as it could place him as one of the players with the most extensive record in the club. The French has been his great ally in achieving almost unrivaled records in the last decade. 2021 promises strong emotions for both.

The real Madrid

In this 2021 he will face several white challenges. The main one is to become the player in the club’s history with the most titles. Only one of Paco Gento and, although he will share the success with Marcelo to get them this year, he will expand his legend in the entity. The 22 that he has in his record are divided into four Champions League, four Club World Cups, three European Super Cups, five Suspenders, two King’s Cups and four Spanish Super Cups.

But if one of those titles is the Champions League, it will enter the select club of five European cups to his credit. This trophy is the quintessential Real Madrid trophy, and having this record elevates its legend to a new level. Doing it again as captain would be his fourth time, another figure that very few will be able to reach. Boxes did it once, as well as Iron, Round, Sanchís, Gento and Alonso. Twice they did Miguel Munoz and Locked.

Sergio Ramos, during the official photo of the 2020/2021 season

Sergio Ramos, during the official photo of the 2020/2021 season

The Bernabéu

It is still a long way to go up positions among the players with the most matches of the entity. It is 45 games away from Manolo Sanchís, 60 from Casillas and 76 from Raul Gonzalez. At the rate of games that goes, it would take a little more than one season. That will come if he finally signs that renewal that is on everyone’s lips and in which he wants those two years that could leave him at the top of that table. That would also leave him with 18 seasons, tying with Gento and Miguel Angel like the players who have worn the merengue jersey for the most years.

The selection

But his great challenge will come with the National Team. Seeing Ramos breaking records with La Roja is common, but the most important thing is the titles. This summer you will have the opportunity to lead Spain in the Eurocup postponed, a difficult challenge but one that would take his legend to an unusual level. He does not start as a favorite for this tournament, but Luis Enrique’s team left a good performance in the last matches of 2020 that has invited optimism among the fans.

Sergio Ramos, in the Spain - Germany of the UEFA Nations League

Sergio Ramos, in the Spain – Germany of the UEFA Nations League


In those clashes the Spanish team signed their classification for the Nations League. This new competition that had Portugal as its first winner it could be a great challenge for Ramos, since, obviously, he does not have it in his record. The appointment will arrive in October 2020 and the fact that there are only two games opens the possibilities of the national team.

Not only does he stay in those two tournaments, as the dream of becoming an Olympic champion is still present. The Tokyo Olympics are a target for Beds and, if the physicist allows it, will try to lead the team of Luis De la Fuente go for the gold. The coach continues to think of Ramos as the man to lead that young generation, so it would not be strange to see the captain of Real Madrid on that list who goes to Japan, even if it is a few days after the end of the Eurocup.



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