Sergio Ramos, during a Real Madrid training session

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New chapter in the ‘Ramos case‘. The defender and captain also of the Spanish team has decided not to accept the offer from Real Madrid, which, as reported THE BERNABÉU amounted to 12 million euros and one more year of contract. The Andalusian also does not see with good eyes to renew for two seasons applying a reduction of 10% in his current salary.

Despite the generous proposal of the Real Madrid in times of crisis due to the coronavirus, Sergio Ramos He has decided to put himself on the market and listen to the proposals that may come to him from other clubs. In the central environment they are convinced that teams such as the PSG or the Manchester City would be interested in having the current white captain and that they will exceed the economic offer of the entity chaired by Florentino Pérez.

As it happened in 2015 and 2019, René blew up the ‘Ramos case’. When calm and confidence were transmitted from Real Madrid, it was the brother and agent who took out all the media artillery after retweeting a message from the journalist Alfredo Duro in your profile Twitter.

Sergio Ramos, during a Real Madrid training session

Now, the Ramos again tighten the rope with Real Madrid and have communicated that they will listen to offers from other clubs after not accepting the white proposal. Sergio Ramos’ current salary amounts to 12 million euros and, at the age of 35, which he will be celebrating in March, he wants to sign a final contract above that amount and that Real Madrid cannot offer him at this time.

This decision clashes squarely with what he said just a year and a half ago after filtering an offer from China. Then, the captain swore eternal love to Real Madrid by stating that “he would play for free”. Now, six months after the end of his contract, Sergio Ramos should not think the same since he has refused to continue dressed in white receiving his current salary, the second highest of the entire squad only behind Eden Hazard.

The decision of Sergio Ramos and his brother could well be just one more tactic in the negotiation they have with Real Madrid, since the defender’s desire had always been to retire as the white captain.

The case is not closed

Despite not accepting the proposal, the talks are not over and Real Madrid continue to trust that Sergio Ramos will end up signing his renewal sooner rather than later.

Sergio Ramos celebrating a goal

Sergio Ramos celebrating a goal

The relationship between the captain and Florentino Pérez It continues to be close and trustworthy, what happens is that the president looks after the economic interests of Real Madrid and Ramos for his own. That is why the white club understands that the central study the market before signing his last great contract in the elite, but Sergio himself has also been made aware that the coronavirus forces him to maintain a tight control over spending in a season in which the Madrid entity has lowered its budget by 300 million euros and foresees losses of 69 million.

The truth is that, to this day, the only offer Sergio Ramos has is that of Real Madrid and for the moment he has not accepted it. The white club will not change its proposal, since it cannot maintain the economic balance, and while René will seek a contract with more years and millions in PSG or Manchester City. The hell is thrown and now it only remains to know if the Ramos back down or not.

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