Toni Kroos in a Champions League match with Real Madrid

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Without a bad grimace, with a leader’s band and as the owner of the midfield of the Real Madrid. Toni Kroos turns 31 this Monday and his presence in the eleven of Zidane After seven seasons at the club, he remains indisputable. With an exemplary record, follow the path of Luka Modric and he intends to extend his career until he can no longer be the metronome of the merengue game. He has little to show in white anymore, but his character will take his career to another level.

The German player already has a wide collection of titles during all this time that has been linked to the entity of Chamartin. He was the protagonist in the three Champions who has raised, appeared in all four Club World Cups who has disputed, made each of the three European Super Cups his particular summer dream, took his level to another dimension in the two Suspenders who has achieved and certified with goals both Spanish Super Cups that appear in his record.

With his fanciful way of playing, with the traits of discipline that is attributed so much to his nationality, he has been taking over the core of the Santiago Bernabeu to the point that this area of ​​the field is not understood without their presence. Kroos has made his passes, his position on the field and his intelligence to always make the best decision a constant and this custom that the white fans have with him will be difficult to forget.

Kroos’ best moments on his 31st birthday

Still, he still has things to do. Actually, seven seasons are nothing if you want to leave an important mark on the entity. When his future has been linked elsewhere, Kroos has been quick to disprove it. He has clarified on several occasions that he wants to end his career in white, the only unknown is when. With a contract until 2023, that is, with a relationship until his 33 years, that of Greifswald will look for more challenges to overcome.

The best foreigner

It is precisely on this plot that he will have a lot to fight against the Croatian, as well as the Brazilians Roberto Carlos and Marcelo. Kroos will be the German with the most games at Real Madrid at the end of this year and against Osasuna he will reach his 300th match. Not everyone can boast of being a world champion wearing the white team jersey and his extensive record has a lot to say about this. That average of two titles per season is also a big question to take into account.

Example and leadership

His behavior on the grass speaks volumes about German tradition. The elegance of his game, his ability to create game and his way of handling the ball both to pass and to shoot will leave their mark on the entity. In addition, this season he has already shown that leadership ability that has given him experience and stripes in the dressing room. He is Zidane’s right hand on the field and, if things don’t go well, he is one of the first to raise his hand.

Toni Kroos in a Champions League match with Real Madrid

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If this year he has only lost two games, Kroos’ goal in the future will continue to be that of continuity. The fact of being a player very focused on playing and enjoying his family makes him lead a very healthy life, an issue that translates into few injuries and a lot of commitment. There is rope for a while. The future of the club has its quality for the transition of generations in which the entity is at this time. It will be a bond with Real Madrid for the next few years.

The cup

There is only one trophy that he lacks as a madridista: the Copa del Rey. Surely it goes through his head that if he wants to make history he has to lift all the white titles and that he will put a lot of emphasis on achieving this trophy. Why not 2021 can also bring you this joy. Whether it is the KO tournament or any other, Toni Kroos will put everything in his power to make the season satisfactory again. The first step will be taken in a week with the Super Cup. There he has good memories of what was the second of his record.

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