Karim Benzema, in a Real Madrid match

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A message from Karim Benzema made the rumors jump: “OL, tonight you can make a whole city proud and happy, we all support you! Tino keeps making your dreams come true!”, he put the ‘9’ of the Real Madrid in Twitter before the derby between ‘su’ Lyon and the Saint Etienne. In France echoed by his wink to Lyon and Tino (Kadewere), who is the last promise of the French team.

The answer was a win by the team (0-5) and a double by Tino, who in recent weeks had sat the now rojiblanco on the bench Moussa Dembele. “Unfortunately I don’t have Twitter, but, if I had seen it before, I would have scored more goals, “he said after the game about Benzema’s tweet.

The team He spoke with the striker and surrendered to the Real Madrid striker who previously exploded in the same team in which he now shines: “I felt that it is a club that makes players grow and I thought of Benzema. He is one of my favorite players” He said about exploding on the same team as his idol.

Karim Benzema, in a Real Madrid match

Tino’s passion for Benzema does not end there and it is that in the interview he told how much his love for him is: “I followed him a lot when he was young. In social networks I look to see how he lives and how he trains,” he explained. Tino Kadewere was born in 1996 (he is 25 years old) and until this season he had had to settle for playing in the lower divisions of French football since his arrival in 2018 from Sweden.

Real Madrid or Lyon?

Tino, born in Zimbabwe, is clear that one day playing with Benzema would be a dream. “At Real Madrid or at Lyon?” They asked him. And this is what he replied: “To be able to play alongside him would be a dream come true,” he said without choosing a team.

Everything will depend on what the teams want. Lyon have never hidden that they would like to one day have Benzema in their team again after leaving for Madrid in 2009. Now that he is 33 years old and with the passing of the seasons he is approaching the end of his career, it would be something that it could be fulfilled.

The other option is for Tino to sign for Real Madrid. Its value, according to Transfermarkt, is 12 million euros, so it would be cheap. However, the white club’s plans for its forward go through two other much more media players: Mbappé and Haaland.

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