Lunin trains in Valdebebas

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He Real Madrid it will return to the dynamics of competition after a few days stopped. Unlike the rest of the season, the loss to Athletic club in the semifinal of the Spain Supercup It has given some rest to the merengue squad. Accustomed to weekdays at the Champions League or The league, Zidane’s men will debut in the Copa del Rey almost a week after their duel against the lions.

He Alcoyano will put both the merengues spirits and Zidane’s wardrobe bottom to the test. Because, faced with the doubts that exist in the rest of the days, this Wednesday nobody considers an eleven where the rotations are not the protagonists. And, especially, with a name that is given as fixed at eleven of Zidane. Andriy Lunin, the substitute goalkeeper for Real Madrid, will debut this season with a key game.

And it is that the capital team will seek a comfortable victory to regain strength and security. But for Lunin it is not just another match in which to seek victory, but it is a complete final. With Courtois as untouchable in the goal of La Liga or the Champions League, Lunin plays it all or nothing in the Copa del Rey matchday. The single match does not give the option of failing and the slightest mistake, as has happened to clubs like the Atlético de Madrid, it can cost you your life in the tournament.

Lunin trains in Valdebebas

Lunin will consecrate the changing of the guard in the merengue entity and will have the perfect opportunity to resolve any doubts about its potential. Loans in previous seasons prevented him from making his debut in an official match with Real Madrid. And this season, taking into account that Courtois has not given any truce and that he has played everything, Lunin has not been able to jump onto the pitch either. Alcoyano and his forward, seeking to make history, will face the young Madrid player.

Analyzing Courtois

Being the second goalkeeper at Real Madrid is not easy. And less if you know that the starting position is almost impossible to fight. However, the positive part for players like Lunin is being able to share training with the best in the world. Since the season began, with Lunin from the beginning, the goalkeeper has been able to learn everything from his Belgian counterpart.

It is something that was already known last summer, when the doubts about the future of Lunin were settled. With Keylor gone and Areola in the same situation, Lunin was left alone as a possible replacement for Courteous. The Belgian had to have a guaranteed substitute and the club fully trusted the young Lunin. 21 years and months of work in Valdebebas that will have their reward against Alcoyano.


Although Lunin will make his debut with Real Madrid, the Ukrainian goalkeeper has enough experience to be calm on the match day. And it is that in his history he already has presence in Copa del Rey matches. Last season, without going any further, he did it with the Valladolid. Lunin played two games: in one he was unbeaten and in another he won on penalties. A year earlier, when he was at Leganés, he could also participate in the Cup with two games, one of them unbeaten.

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