Sergio Ramos controls a ball

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He Real Madrid won last League after chaining 10 consecutive victories after confinement. The white club thus added its 34th national championship to its record and Sergio Ramos He was one of the great protagonists of this feat.

After lifting La Liga, Real Madrid showed Sergio Ramos their desire for him to continue beyond 2021. There were still many months ahead, but the intentions of the entity were always clear with the captain.

Despite the coronavirus crisis, Real Madrid proposed to Sergio Ramos to renew one more season while maintaining his Current salary. The salary of the Spanish defender amounts to 12 million euros net, which is about 24 gross. However, just six months after the end of the relationship between the club and Ramos, the player has not yet accepted the offer.

The message posted by René Ramos In his social networks he has not sat down well at Real Madrid, since the offer exists and is on the table. Sergio’s intention has always been to renew beyond 2022 and sign, at a minimum, a contract extension until 2023.

Two years with a discount

Real Madrid has not closed in on this option either, since it would be willing to offer Sergio Ramos two years if one applies. salary cut about 10%. The coronavirus crisis has wreaked havoc in the football industry and Real Madrid has just approved a budget for this season of 617 million, which means a drop of 300 million compared to the 2019/2020 season.

Maintaining economic balance is now a priority for Real Madrid, even more so when it is not known for sure if the fans will return to the stadiums throughout 2021. Despite this, the proposal to Florentino Pérez Sergio Ramos has been generous due to his track record and performance.

Sergio Ramos controls a ball


Sergio Ramos was not for the task of cutting his salary by 10% to renew, the same percentage that Real Madrid has applied a salary cut to the entire staff and to the senior executives In the beginning of 2021. Despite this, the white club has made an effort and has offered the captain one more year maintaining his salary, of no less than 12 million euros net per campaign.

Therefore, if Sergio Ramos has not yet renewed it is because he has not wanted to. The one of Beds you can extend your contract until 2022 with the same salary or until 2023 with a net salary of 10.8 million for each of the two seasons.

“I would play for free at Madrid”

At Real Madrid it has always been maintained, and continues today, the confidence that Sergio Ramos will continue the next campaign wearing the bracelet. Moreover, it is strange that an agreement has not been reached already as in the case of Luka Modric. The Croatian was the first to say ‘yes’ to the three players who finished their contract. The third in contention is Lucas Vazquez and for the moment he has rejected the proposal made by Real Madrid.

For his part, Sergio Ramos went so far as to affirm last summer after the supposed offer from China that “I would play for free at Real Madrid“A declaration of intent that clashes completely with the message now sent by his brother René on social networks after a proposal of nothing more and nothing less than 12 million euros net for one year. Despite everything, the logical thing is , and what all the parties trust, is that Sergio Ramos accepts the offer from Real Madrid in the next few days.

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