The front page of the newspaper Corriere dello Sport (01/23/2021)

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The economic situation of Inter could cause the exit of Achraf hakimi, who signed last summer for the Neroazzurra squad from the Real Madrid. The reason, as revealed Corriere dello Sport, It would be the non-payment of the first installment of the transfer of the lane, which amounts to ten million euros and whose term expired last December.

“Pay Hakimi or give him back”, headlines the Italian newspaper on its cover about the supposed intentions of Real Madrid. The white club has sent an ultimatum to the interista entity after renegotiating a new date (next March 30) for the payment of the first installment. Madrid have not received any guarantees and that is what they are asking for, but they will study how to recover the Moroccan player who has grown up in their quarry.

The agreement signed last summer by Real Madrid and Inter for the transfer of Achraf Hakimi consisted of a disbursement of 40 million euros. The final price would be divided into four payments of 10 ‘kilos’ each, the first of which was set for last December. Inter’s financial problems postponed payment until March, but without guarantees, Madrid does not want to wait.

The cover of the newspaper Corriere dello Sport (01/23/2021)

The reason that March 30 was the limit to pay the quota is because that date is the last for clubs to settle their debts with others, since otherwise they would risk being punished without participating in European competition . According Run, Inter did not consider it necessary to give guarantees to Madrid after having agreed to postpone the payment from December to March.

Madrid considers that the new term is not valid, according to the Italian media, and would be working on formulas to recover it. The meringues doubts come from the liquidity problems of Inter, which is having to pay the salaries of its players with delay and sees no way to take charge of the 10 million it owes to Madrid. The entity chaired by Steven Zhang He is looking for new investors to help him get out of the difficult financial crossroads in which he finds himself.

Achraf, in sports, is having a great season in the team led by Antonio Conte despite the fact that he raised doubts at the beginning of his career. After having played 24 games with the Italian team, he has six goals and five assists. As he did at Dortmund, he is occupying a position in the lane team and not as a winger, which collides with the Real Madrid board.

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