Martin Odegaard, with the Arsenal shirt.  Photo:

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He Real Madrid it will close the winter transfer market with two fewer members in its squad and without incorporations. Luka jovic was the first to leave the merengue discipline to play on loan until the end of the season at the Eintracht Frankfurt, while the next to follow this path was Martin Odegaard.

The Norwegian international wanted minutes and asked the club to go out in the January transfer window to get them. Said and done. Agreement between Real Madrid and Arsenal for the midfielder to play under the orders of Arteta until the end of this course.

If the team of Zidane will miss Jovic and Odegaard is not yet known, but what has become clear is that Real Madrid does not want to part with them yet. Both businesses do not go beyond the month of June and it is that in the midst of the market crisis due to the pandemic of Covid-19, in the white set the accounts are settled, as well as the ‘Operation Exit’ and possible incorporations.

Present and future

The Serbian forward is 23 years old, Odegaard, 22. Two players of the present, but above all of the future. Both one and the other have made it clear that they wanted minutes, confidence and regain feelings. But also that they are still hoping to succeed at Real Madrid one day.

Martin Odegaard, with the Arsenal shirt. Photo:

And that is what Real Madrid intends with these assignments, that both players continue to grow and if the Merengue team cannot do it now due to lack of minutes, they should do so in two of the major leagues of Europe how are the Bundesliga and the Premier League.

In the absence of seeing Odegaard’s performance at Arsenal, Jovic already stands out in the ranks of Eintracht Frankfurt. He has not started yet because he is in full readjustment, but he has already had minutes in the two games that the German team has played since he arrived and in both he saw the door, scoring a double in his debut and another goal against him Arminia last weekend.

Luka Jovic, in a match with Eintracht Frankfurt

Luka Jovic, in a match with Eintracht Frankfurt


The Serbian has shown that he has regained his smile and the lack of minutes and the complicated communication due to the language barrier reduced his performance and made it difficult for him to adapt. But he sends a message to sailors after his three goals: “I know I’m a good player and whoever sees me will know how to value it.” Take note.

While in the case of Odegaard it has been the desired Haaland the one who has said something similar when pointing out that his compatriot “just have to put him and give him minutes” to see his best version. The countdown to resolve the season and situations like these has begun.

All players cannot always wear a shirt like Real Madrid’s, but from Concha Espina they hope that by gaining confidence in two clubs like Eintracht and Arsenal, more mature and with more experience, they can return to join the white project at full capacity. If not, the exit door is always open to make cash.

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