Marco Asensio smiles after scoring his first goal of the year 2021 with Real Madrid

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He Real Madrid started the year on the right foot after the victory against Celtic in Valdebebas. The good feelings were processed in three points after a great game of the meringues in which they only suffered in the first minutes of the game. All this outcome was intimately related to the party of a Marco Asensio He reconfirmed his best omens so that the Madridistas can think that it can really be their year.

If the good feelings he left before him Pomegranate were the cause of praise from the merengue fans, their performance in the Of Stefano this Saturday has been the confirmation. All of this comes at a time when Zidane wants to go “little by little” with Hazard, something that will give the Mallorcan more prominence. Whether on the left or right, these minutes on the field make him think of him as an essential part of the squad again.

The action of the first goal in which he puts the ball to Lucas Vazquez, leading a career counter as he stood out most in his best stage, and that of his goal, in which, also in a counterattack, he ended up piercing the goal, they once again highlighted his greatest virtues. The same ones that led him to score in all competitions held and for having under 22 years of age. Those that made him have a star aura.

Marco Asensio smiles after scoring his first goal of the year 2021 with Real Madrid


Now, with 24, a few days away from making 25, the Spaniard has reached a degree of maturity that at the beginning of the season placed him among the usual headlines day after day. After going through a kind of bump, in which the bad results signaled him, now he has joined that merengue streak of which he intends to take advantage of to settle back in the eleven type of Zidane. There are several issues that suggest that this 2021 will be the year of Marco Asensio.

Six months of adaptation

The injury he had was not easy. Breaking the famous ‘triad’ is a process in which you practically have to learn to walk. A footballer like him who depends so much on his power, his overflow and his shot, needed this reasonable time to recover past feelings. The backpack weighed a lot at the beginning of the campaign because he has the responsibility of being one of the leaders of the merengue attack. This confidence should give you that extra to get out of trouble.

Second opportunity

Maybe all this has something to do with the coach as well. Zidane did not stop believing in him despite the fact that he had a continuity during the month of October in which he was not too protagonist. He knows that he is his man for the right wing in the big games, when Hazard is in good shape again, and the Frenchman is doing everything possible to get him back. Today’s game is a credit that will accumulate.

Marco Asensio puts a cross against Granada

Marco Asensio puts a cross against Granada

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Eurocup year

Luis Enrique He also has a lot of faith in him, a question so that the Mallorcan has not stopped thinking that he can win a place in the attack of ‘The Red‘ during this time. Although everything seemed very closed during the Nations League, the offensive part of the Asturian’s team is still open and awaits the Real Madrid player with open arms. The Eurocup It is your first major tournament in which you will have to be the natural leader of Spain.

Before signing …

Patience with Asensio is also understood thanks to the economic circumstances that Real Madrid is going through. He is called to be a leader among other things because it is a bet that the team made years ago and, before they arrive possible Mbappe or Haaland, will not see his place in the eleven compromised. If you want to express your legacy in white, you know that this moment is momentous to perpetuate your place in the club. Also, the young Vinicius and Rodrygo they come stomping from behind.

Ally for Zidane

As the season is, the team needs his goal. Zidane’s confidence in Asensio lies above all in the urgent lack of so many that the attack has. The squad achieved the lowest number of goals in recent years in 2020, and without that goal it is impossible to get ahead, especially in Champions. The Mallorcan is an essential part of the figures expected by the coaching staff and starts 2021 scoring and assisting.

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