Karim Benzema celebrates his second goal against Borussia

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Zinedine Zidane You know what it’s like to walk on the wire this year. The French coach has already been questioned, the team has been able to qualify for the Europa League in the group stage of the Champions League and he has bet that he would come down on League. Taking steps as a phonambulist, he knew how to get the best out of his team when he needed it most, he was first in the group in the maximum continental competition and reaped two convincing wins against Barça and the Atletico Madrid in the national championship.

He Real Madrid of the French coach, either because of his flower or because the players “when they are put, they are put”, has survived all those extreme situations. That ability to make good the saying that this entity should never be considered dead came into play when some had already put the noose around his neck. Both his players, the coaching staff and the management know that the confidence that Zidane will take these situations forward is blind.

A new episode arrives with this Spain Supercup that will test the reliability of the meringues on the heads or tails. The whites did not end or start the year in the best way. Two draws, Elche and Osasuna, with the triumph before him Celtic in between, they questioned the timing of the template. Two stumbles away from home that cannot be a dangerous precedent and, for this, everything will go through leaving Andalusia with a new title under his arm.


Play the Champions League qualification from matchday 3 or the need to emerge victorious from the Camp Nou and of Valdebebas Against Atlético they have been signs of the resilience of this squad. The ability to come back in the last minutes against him Monchengladbach, the two wins against him Inter Milan and nine out of nine against the La Liga teams that play the Champions League this year have verified this positive trend when there is a big one in front.

Karim Benzema celebrates his second goal against Borussia


He Athletic It will be this Thursday night. Whites will search The Rose Garden that aura of a great date to get the best game that they wear on their legs. They have shown an ability to motivate themselves on important dates that surprised locals and strangers, but it is nothing more than a sample of the DNA of this club; when you have to show your face, these players give it. There is no giant that can resist this Real Madrid.

What Zidane asks

The chemistry of the players with Zidane is very high and whenever issues have to be corrected, it is valued as a group and a solution is sought. What has shown not to have it is this special motivation before the appointments in which the team can fall or can get ahead. It may be a matter of relaxation in the face of teams that have other different objectives or a mere coincidence, but there is no doubt that that feeling of superiority in the big events always appears.

The French coach asked that union for four days at a press conference and everything begins by showing that strength against Athletic this Thursday. He does not think that it will be a springboard for the rest of the season, because Zidane’s fate before the media is that all games are important. But the Frenchman knows what it means to leave this Sunday with a new title. “We hope that from this beginning of January the season will go a little better,” he snapped at the appearance on Wednesday.

When he said that these players “wear” when the beans are played, he was referring to appointments like this Thursday. Zidane has asked Real Madrid for the big events and Madridistas will be able to check it out at La Rosaleda.

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