Luka Modric and Marco Asensio in the match against Osasuna

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The scoring figures for Real Madrid they have not returned to what they were years ago. The reality that the team lives was evident in the last League, in which the results were achieved by leaving the door to zero and achieving a single goal that served to carry out the matches. Zinedine Zidane he will have to re-climb the same wall that has already spoiled his plans on more than one occasion this season.

The game of the merengue team could have been worse or better. In fact, the version of Pamplona it touches more the first than the second. The little that the team generated translated into centers without an addressee, beyond some individuality of Marco Asensio. But this year neither the ball always enters, nor do those quality flashes that define crashes appear and, to make matters worse, the offside appear to frustrate the team.

When everything is going wrong, it goes wrong. Whites can never be left for dead; if not tell it to the Mönchengladbach in Germany. That instinct to stay alive in games until the last second runs in the club’s DNA. But, in those moments, also the arbitration proceedings are being a detriment to open the can. The action of the penalty on Casemiro that could well have put a solution to the lack of smell in The Sadar serves as an example.

Luka Modric and Marco Asensio in the match against Osasuna

The league

The whites left two points there, four if they are added to those of Elche, and they have lost steam in La Liga. The team adds 30 goals in favor in 18 games of the championship. Figures that stand at 41 if the six crashes of Champions. That is, the average is less than two points per crash. Fitting 24 out of the same number of encounters, the math isn’t deceiving. With these scoring records, there is no way to win.

The numbers

This situation has first and last names. Karim Benzema Yes, he is meeting his goalscoring quota since he has scored 12 goals. The Frenchman continues to be key in the team and, when he does not have his day, Zidane’s men notice it in a significant way. They also appear in the table Luka Modric and Casemiro with 4 or Faith Valverde with 3, a reasonable number for his position in the field. The scoring ability of the midfield has had to come out in more than one match.

The problem is in the rest of the front where Vinicius (3), Lucas Vazquez (2), Eden Hazard (2), Marco Asensio (1), Rodrygo Goes (1), Mariano (1) and Luka jovic (0) do not add up to the same many as the Frenchman. It could be said that Benzema is alone in this fight. The physical problems of some, the lack of continuity of others and a condition questioned in some cases explain these poor records of the attacking players.

Jonathan Calleri and Sergio Ramos fight for a ball

Jonathan Calleri and Sergio Ramos fight for a ball


Nor is it helping Sergio Ramos that he has scored only three, mainly because of his absences. He has not scored since November 3 and that is pressing the rest of the squad. The captain, who is responsible for taking the penalties, has been suffering from a scoring drought since November. His ability to meet the goal was always a great ally in stuck matches. Now Zidane is not locating this resource.

Also, the lack of minutes of Martin Odegaard It is also not helping to be of help in this matter. In the entity they wonder why they do not have more opportunities, if there is a physical problem behind or if it is a matter of lack of trust. While this problem persists, the names of Kylian Mbappé and Erling haaland they resonate as the solution to this great problem. We will have to keep waiting for them and find in this Spain Supercup that a necessary change with respect to the scorer quota will be played this week.

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