Eden Hazard, sitting on the lawn of La Rosaleda

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Getting your flagship afloat when it was touched and sunk was a must. To the Real Madrid She was not doing too badly without him, she has learned to find other leaders and you could say that she has not missed him. But, after the millionaire bet that the club made for Eden Hazard, the need to recover his best version prevailed above all things. Zinedine Zidane he is clear that he is the man who will give the squad one more point.

But that has not happened since he arrived at the entity in the summer of 2019. The Belgian’s performance is always in question; but even more so are his injuries. His physical condition has not given the feeling of being that of the player who was glimpsed by Europe during his time in the Chelsea. It has been attributed to bad luck, but something has to change if he does not want his stage in the merengue entity to be remembered as a great disappointment.

Zidane chose to include him little by little, without haste and with restricted minutes; something logical considering that he has hardly been able to play three games in a row. Before him Athletic in the Spain Supercup he played the fourth, something he hadn’t done for months. His presence was testimonial, playing a couple of balls and always giving the feeling of slowing down the game rather than giving it the gear that the team needed. That was his characteristic before arriving. Nobody knows what happened to that player.

Eden Hazard, sitting on the lawn of La Rosaleda


With the shadow of Kaka’ lurking, the Belgian had the need to consolidate and the chosen moment was this beginning of the year. Balance and your feelings don’t help you. Without continuity and without highlighting it is very difficult to stay in the eleven merengue. Still, everyone at the club agrees that what you need are matches. Time will tell if this hesitant start to 2021 is worth it for Hazard to be the player for whom the entity paid 100 million.

The invoice

The bill for this plan is being quite expensive with two draws and one defeat since he returned to the pitch after overcoming his last injury. “He is fine. But I think you have to regain feelings and go little by little,” said the Frenchman after not playing for a single minute against him. Pomegranate when he had returned to the bench. He fulfilled that plan of going little by little, but the reality is that the player is still bad.

Hazard controlling a ball

Hazard controlling a ball

Your file is open. The idea of ​​the French coach is to continue giving him that confidence that he has completely lost. Zidane believes that Hazard is the element that will determine whether or not the team is there to fight for great aspirations in the Champions League. The Whites have two consecutive years without going beyond the round of 16 of the highest continental competition and it is something they cannot afford again.

Throwing four points in the trash in the League and the first title of the year with the Super Cup will only have a reason to be if the Belgian returns to be Chelsea, something that has not happened in these four games he has played. Not even in the minutes in front of Elche was a solution to break the tie, nor in the test against the Celtic managed to contribute something positive, not even in the stumble against Osasuna warmed up a frozen team, nor in front of the Athletic was able to counter the errors of Luke.

The bet, although it has also been Vinicius ahead, it is on the table and it will depend on whether Real Madrid can do more or less this season. The Brazilian has not been the same again after, first Asensio and then Hazard, Zidane opted for other options before him. There are many eggs laid in the Belgian player’s basket. He will decide if they break up, an issue that could have repercussions on the transfer market, or if he takes care of them.

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