Isco Alarcón, against Atalanta

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The match between Real Madrid and the Atalanta which was played last Wednesday in the city of Bergamo went a long way. Among other things, to see an incredible goal from a player very unaccustomed to performing in these areas. Mendy gave the victory to the white team with a sensational shot from outside the area, just off a corner and with the right. Without a doubt, quite incredible.

However, it was not the only really striking thing left by the crash. You could also see the debut of players like Hugo Duro in Champions, who fulfilled a childhood dream. The losses of the white team caused the attack to be completely dismantled and Zidane had to lay eyes on him Real Madrid Castilla.

He was not the only player who was activated in the cause of saving the offensive line of the whites, since the surprising ownership of Isco added one more soldier for Zidane’s cause. The Malaga player now has before him the opportunity to be important again with the possibility of fighting for his continuity or of demonstrating to all of Europe that he can have a place in a big one.

Isco Alarcón, against Atalanta

Real Madrid

But above all those peculiarities, the tremendous fuss that Atalanta is experiencing in their dressing room drew attention. Some players’ problems with Gasperini, which have not been solved with the output of the ‘Papu’ Gomez to the Seville, They are a great threat that has been stalking the stability of the Italian team throughout the season and that could end up getting out of hand.

The great highlight after the game with Real Madrid was Josip Ilicic, one of the best footballers of the bergamasco team, full of quality, talent, goal, but also with a somewhat unruly character and that without a doubt does not agree with that of Gian Piero Gasperini. The 33-year-old Slovenian striker jumped onto the pitch in the 56th minute to rest a Luis Muriel who spent the entire first part running from one place to another.

The expulsion of Freuler In the 17th minute, Atalanta’s physical capacity diminished and the injury of He smoked tobacco In the 30th minute it caused the Colombian to be left alone in the face of danger in the attack, completely isolated. After almost 60 minutes of waste, he could not take it anymore and had to go to the booth, leaving his place to Ilicic. However, the Slovenian was not up to the task.

Despite his enormous quality, Ilicic did not take one of the most important matches in the club’s history with the responsibility that the occasion deserved. Therefore, after showing his reluctance, his apathy, losing several balls and hitting very few actions, he was substituted in the 86th minute. He was only on the pitch for thirty minutes. Something without a doubt very rarely seen.

Lucas Vazquez pursues Josip Ilicic

Lucas Vazquez pursues Josip Ilicic


Gasperini did not hesitate to show his anger with him during and after the game. And after a few days, the coach’s anger has not disappeared: “I will not let him play any more under these conditions. I will have to see him very well in training so that he can return to the field. There is too much talk about him, but the team is fine also without his help. “This was expressed in the preview of his match in A series Front of Sampdoria where they play enter the Champions League.

Hurt with the referee

Regarding the match against Real Madrid, Gasperini was asked about the possible decision that the whites could take to claim the yellow card shown to Casemiro. The Brazilian will not be able to be in the return if that card is not withdrawn: “Eleven against eleven would have been another confrontation, it ruined it for us. Is Madrid going to appeal the warning to Casemiro? Right now, it wasn’t yellow, it didn’t touch . Of course, I would like to know how many things we should resort to … “.

Gasperini, who believes that his team still has options against the whites, is concerned about the accumulated fatigue of his team: “Playing with one less against Madrid for more than 70 minutes takes its toll, but the game with Sampdoria is too important. They are the last commitments before the calendar begins to give us some rest to recover better. “

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