Lesson from Freuler, the Atalanta player sent off against Real Madrid:

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“There is not much to say”. With those words begins Remo Freuler a small letter posted on social media. The player of the Atalanta apologizes for the expulsion received in the match against the Real Madrid and focuses all attention on looking for the comeback in the Spanish capital. A very different attitude to that taken by a large part of his teammates and even the coach, who starred in harsh criticism against the referee shortly after the game ended.

In his post, Freuler is sincere: “I’m really sorry and I want to apologize to the team, the fans and all Atalanta supporters. “The defender acknowledges that he does not want to” talk about the episode “and highlights the work of his teammates throughout the game despite being with one less.

“We are still alive thanks to the guys who played a great game yesterday in 10 minutes. I’m sure that we will have a great game in Madrid“, has underlined in the image shared in Instagram and in which colleagues and friends have expressed their support. A whole lesson from the center-back and that collides considerably with the attitude taken by the rest of Atalanta.

The play was decisive. Mendy He received a good ball from Vinicius and sneaked straight and unopposed into the area. The Frenchman controlled and headed for the doorman. However, Freuler touched him slightly from behind and ended up overwhelming the Real Madrid player. The referee understood that he was the last defender and that it was a clear chance to score, so he did not have to review the action and sent Freuler off with a direct red.

That decision obviously marked the rest of the meeting. Atalanta, an Italian team but characterized by its potential in attack, had to completely change the approach to the game against Real Madrid. Gasperini’s men fell back and focused one hundred percent on defense. So much that Courteous he did not have to intervene on any occasion. Those of Bergamo they held on and only a goal from Mendy in the final stretch managed to take the tie to Madrid with a merengue advantage.

Gasperini talks about censorship

The Atalanta coach exploded before the media, but controlling some of his statements. As he explained himself, he couldn’t talk too much because he could face a two-month ban from UEFA. GasperiniYes, he criticized the referee and assured that he had never played football after that decision.

There is a temptation to remove all kinds of contacts, and this is suicide. I don’t say anything because if not, the UEFA I miss two months, I don’t know […]. This is suicide for football, it is necessary to have more knowledge of football, we cannot have referees who did not play football, “he denounced in the moments after the defeat against Madrid. Gasperini stressed that the red one” ruined “the game and Despite everything, he kept his team’s options on the return leg.

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