Live |  Zidane analyzes the game against Valencia at a press conference

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The Real Madrid faces a new journey of The league wanting to continue extending his winning streak after beating Getafe Y Huesca in their last two games. Those of Zidane seek continuity to try to cut points by Atlético de Madrid and the Valencia It will be the rival they have in front of this Sunday. The French coach appears at a press conference.

Zidane measured himself to the media once again to analyze his team’s next meeting and all the news surrounding Real Madrid. They keep talking about the future of Sergio Ramos, which does not renew with the club, and the possible return of Bale after the transfer to Tottenham, which is not going as expected.

Continuity in office

“I am the coach of Real Madrid today. What I am going to do is take advantage of every moment I have. The future is never talked about and it is not going to talk. It is the present and I am here.”

Pressure on Atlético

“There are 48 points to go. We are going to fight, to play football well, to try to win. We can control what we do on the field and we will try everything on the field.”

Bale’s situation with Mourinho

“As a coach I wish him the best, he is a Real Madrid player. What happened there, I don’t know, because I’m not there. What I hope is good, because we always want our players to do well.”

Le Graet wink

“At the moment I’m here, enjoying what I do. In the future it will be seen, you never know. My mind is in the here and now of Real Madrid.

Plague of injuries

“I am worried about injuries, yes. We have talked about it many times and we do not like having the players. I am not going to talk about the same thing. We want to recover the players, like Lucas Vázquez and ‘Carva’. Hopefully little to Little do we get back to others, which we need “.

Decide your future

“No. It is not like that. They are opportunities and being from Madrid, I have been here for almost 20 years, and the club has given me the opportunity to coach this great team. I want to take advantage of it. I like talking and being in football. What happens in the future is not known. Neither do you (the journalist) know where you will be tomorrow. “

Rise of homegrown players

“Of course I do. The good thing about Real Madrid is that they have a very good youth squad. There are many who, before starting with the first team, have to go play a bit. Others have done it this way before. The important thing is That they see that one day they can be in the first team of Madrid. They have quality to be “.

Rumors about transfers

“We cannot change it. Affected or not, we know the conditions of being at Real Madrid. The pressure is part of our job.

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