Fede Valverde arms his leg to hit the ball in El Collao

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The Manchester United he sees the exit of his star closer and closer Paul pogba. The French player, one of the team’s leaders, has been mired in rumors about a possible march since the season began. However, statements such as that of his representative ensuring that his stage in the Red Devils had ended did not help at all. In the British entity they do not want to be caught unaware of their departure and have set their eyes on Faith Valverde, player of the Real Madrid, to replace Pogba.

The Uruguayan midfielder is not the first time that he has received such winks from the Manchester club and it has been months since both parties have been headlines in the English press. Is now The Sun who emphasizes that United is clear that, in the event that Pogba leaves the team, it must be Fede Valverde who occupies his position on the pitch.

The operation does not seem easy to undertake. First and foremost because Real Madrid is happy with Valverde and the Uruguayan has a contract until 2025. In the event that it continues ZidaneThe Frenchman is one of the great defenders of his player and would like to have him on his team. But, as if that were not enough, the price of Valverde would not be acceptable for United.

Fede Valverde arms his leg to hit the ball in El Collao

The English club knows that Valverde’s clause is impossible to reach and, in addition, they do not see it feasible to face the payment of something more than 150 million euros What the operation could cost if it were adapted to the current market. Therefore, your big bet would be to offer you good salary terms to compensate. Real Madrid, in that case, would lose.

Fede Valverde, despite the rumors, is happy at Real Madrid and the Merengue club is fully confident in his potential. With only 22 years old It is one of the promises of Uruguayan football and of the Spanish competition. This season he is counting all the minutes that physical problems allow him and that is how he is expected to continue being.

Pogba dreams of Madrid

It is nothing new. The French has sounded for several summers to reinforce the merengue entity. Finally he went to Manchester United and, after not finding that success at the title level that every star dreams of, he decided to step up and offer himself to Real Madrid. Directly, the French midfielder winked at the merengue entity during a concentration of the French team.

Pogba confessed that playing for Real Madrid was a “dream” and that I wish one day I could fulfill it. Some statements that, added to the doubts that there are about his future, triggered the rumors about a possible signing by the white club. Such was the impact of his words that United, according to what they pointed out from England, would assume his departure if he saw that Pogba forced a contract renewal with an unattainable salary.

However, despite his statements, there has been no movement on the part of Real Madrid. As published by EL BERNABÉU, the merengue club is preparing a revolution for the summer where its main objective is Mbappé. There will be exits and they want to enter 100 million euros in transfers as was done last summer. Everything will depend, yes, on how the pandemic evolves and its impact on the economic environment of the entity.

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