Manuel, the infidel from 'The Island of Temptations' who played for Real Madrid

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One more season, ‘The Island of Temptations‘is being a success. The 2021 edition of the reality that breaks audience records on national television is commented on program after program by many people on social networks. This Thursday he had his great moment with Manuel, one of the contestants, who gave a lot of play by cheating on the couple with whom he entered twice on the same night with two different girls, sounding the famous alarm without stopping.

Everyone has a past and this young man from Royal Port gives to talk. Lucia’s boyfriend has been involved, at the same time, with Stefany and with Fiama in a kind of revenge after there was not a single image of his girl during the first bonfire. Before going to the program, specifically during his adolescence, he tried his luck in the world of football and the reality is that he was not bad at all. He passed through the quarry of the Real Betis, but also by the Real Madrid.

The youngster was a promising youth squad until an unfortunate injury ended his dream of being an elite footballer. His conditions led him to the lower categories of the white entity until knee problems took him away from professional sports. All this is credited to your account Instagram, where he has several publications in which he is seen with the official kit of the merengue club and where he explains who he played with.

“On the left a very beautiful image from 2004 with a great person who at my father’s request came to look for me at training so that he could take a picture with him … 14 years later I remember him perfectly. pacá Manu pisha than in Cai you have to suck. Thank you Joaquin, pisha. On the right my first tournament with him Infant A of Real Madrid in 2005, in the city of León, where he enjoyed competing with big European clubs “, he explains in this first publication.

Another in which he only comes out with the Real Madrid shirt is a great memory as expressed in the description of the image: “I will always keep a very nice memory in my heart. Real Madrid, 2005/2006 season”. Now, with all that past already forgotten, Manuel triumphs on television as one of the favorites of the audience of ‘La isla’. His episode this last night has raised his popularity by placing him above Tom rustles, the character of the last edition.

It’s not the only one

There is another suitor of the program with a footballer past among the participants of this edition. Ruben Sanchez, who is repeating as tempting, can also count that he played at a professional level in the I raised. Manuel’s career was cut short, but it seems that another has opened for him in show business.

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