Josip Ilicic tries to take down Luka Modric

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The story of Luka Modric in soccer it is one of the most beautiful. Since his birth, the Croatian has gone through many personal episodes that have made him have such incredible mental strength that he has rarely seen anything like it. Touched by hardship, poverty and even war, Modric’s story is that of a survivor who has reached the sky of success.

Despite four Champions that adorn his record, having played a final of the world Cup leading one of the best Croatian teams in history and having won a Golden Ball, Modric does not forget his origins, where he comes from and how much it has cost him to travel that hard road to reach the elite and to become one of the best footballers in the world and one of the best midfielders in history.

Modric continues to be a simple and familiar person, a humble footballer who feels like one of his people. However, in all these years, he has become a pillar of the most demanding dressing room in world football and all thanks to his leadership and his command on the field. The exterior of the Croatian marks the path and the course of the King of Europe.

Josip Ilicic tries to take down Luka Modric


However, all these successes and achievements, although fully deserved, have not made him lose perspective and not lift his feet off the ground. Modric does not abandon his essence and a good example of this has been seen with the great detail he has had with a club that was part of his career in the beginning despite never having played for him.

Its about Immaculate Alzano amateur sports association, a team organized a tournament in 1997 to which Modric attended with the city team Zadar. The Croatian team ended up taking the title and Modric was chosen as the best player in that competition. It was his first individual award when he was barely lifting a few feet off the ground, but even then he had the ball sewn to his boot and was the compass of his team.

Now, Marco Marchesi, who was present at that tournament recalls how those days were when a young Luka sowed the panic of his rivals: “In that 1997 edition our team played very good games and finished third. He was defeated in the semifinals by the Zadar de Modric, later winner of the tournament. Luka was good and it was no accident that he was chosen as the best player. “

“I remember that we played in the final under an incredible flood, so much so that the awards were held within the Oratory and not on the field of play “. This is how the Italian remembers it in the middle Premium BERGAMO on the occasion of the visit of Real Madrid to face Atalanta in the Champions League.

Modric, dominator

Modric swept that tournament in the lower categories, taking the award for best player, the championship title and even an Immacolata Alzano backpack as a result of his great exhibitions. Now, on the occasion of the white team’s recent visit to the city of Bergamo, the Associazione sportiva dilettantistica Immacolata Alzano got in touch with Atalanta to be able to give Modric a very special gift. A centenary shirt of this modest club dedicated especially to the Croatian.

Luka not only accepted and received this beautiful gift, but he also wanted to have his own detail with the Immacolata Alzano team, giving them his own signed shirt and with a beautiful dedication: “To the friends of Immacolata Alzano Lombardo for their centenary in memory of the first trophy won “. This is the beautiful story that Modric has kept since he was 12 years old with the city of Bergamo and the Alzano.

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