Pepe in a game this year with Real Madrid.

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Pepe left an important mark on the Real Madrid during his time at the club. His intimidating figure reigned in the defense of the white team for many seasons and there was no occasion to know him personally in depth. The Portuguese central opens in an interview for Grandstand Express and talks about his childhood, intimate secrets and his beginnings in football.

Pepe likes magic and he still practices it although “only for my daughters, I still do some, with coins and letters.” In addition, he confesses that the costumes make him “ashamed” to teach his tricks. Of course, to continue in football with 38 years just turned this Friday, he only has one ‘trick’: “My passion for football.”

“Every day I wake up to train, I try to do it in the best way possible. I train intensely and I think that’s my vitamin. Obviously, being 25 is not being 35 or, in my case, 37. At 25 we have so much energy that we end up not knowing how to use it. At 37, I can use this energy better in the field, “he says about his routine to keep fit.

“There is a lot of work behind it, a lot of rigor in food, in rest. But I was not always that thin; when I was three, four years old, I was plump, a bit chubby. Then, from the age of seven I began to lose weight. the only male child in the family, I have three sisters (two older and one younger than me), so I was very, very spoiled, “he confesses.

And this is where he opens up and remembers his past with his family. How spoiled was he ?: “Look, until I arrived in Portugal, at 17, I slept with my mother …”, he confesses. And about what his father thought, he is clear: “I was grown up and slept with my parents, so I imagine my dad didn’t like having me in bed with them very much.”

Pepe in a game this year with Real Madrid.

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Pepe also spoke of one of his hallmarks: his shaved hair: “The first time I shaved my head I was seven or eight years old. Once I went to the hairdresser and asked him to do a military cut. I got home and My mother told me: ‘My God, what have you done, your father is going to kill you …’ But my father came and said it was a ‘man’s cut’. I only let it grow when my daughters were born “, reveals.

When does he meet Cristiano

Among other secrets, Pepe affirms that he met before the family of Cristiano Ronaldo that Cristiano himself when they were only teenagers and they were going to share a team in the lower categories of Sporting de Portugal: “I met the father, who worked near the Marítimo field; later the sisters and the mother, and finally Cris, in Lisbon. When I went to Sporting we shared a room. I was older than him, but I saw his professionalism in training, Cris went to the gym first. “

Jump to Real Madrid

To finish, Pepe talks about his jump from Porto to Real Madrid: “Everything was very fast, and in fact I could have gone earlier, to Deportivo de La Coruña, at the end of the first year. Only President Pinto da Costa told me: ‘ No, no, no, no way, you will stay here longer. ” In the third year I renewed for another five and, at the end of the season, the proposal from Real Madrid came, I had other options, but I really wanted to go to Real , despite the fact that many people told me that I was crazy to go there, because it was very difficult and, above all, because it was a ‘central cemetery and such’. I wanted that challenge. “



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