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Sergio Ramos He continues to go through stages in his recovery process to overcome the significant injury he has suffered to the medial meniscus of his left knee. The central and captain of Real Madrid he was forced to say enough and go through the operating room in order to put an end to the discomfort that had plagued him for several weeks.

The operation went smoothly and from the moment Ramos got off the hospital gurney, he began a conscientious recovery work that has no other objective than to return as soon as possible, always within logical limits since neither neither the player nor the club want to take risks with a player who is capital at the very moment of the season.

Doctors estimated the Andalusian footballer’s time off at about six weeks, but judging by the images that both Real Madrid and Sergio Ramos himself are offering, those periods could be reduced and that is because the work and recovery capacity of a A dedicated and disciplined player like Ramos is incredible.

For almost any other footballer in the world, such an injury would be closer to two months off than one and a half months, but Ramos has proposed to return earlier, in addition to better and stronger, to face the end of season and the demanding summer ahead with the Eurocup and the possible dispute of the Olympic Games.

For now, Sergio Ramos is crushing himself in the gym of the Real Madrid City, where the Andalusian center-back has unbeatable facilities, as well as with the help and follow-up of the doctors of the Madrid team and of all the club’s physios, retrainers and physical trainers. All effort and attention is little so that the captain returns as soon as possible.

Ramos, ‘Terminator mode’

In the latest images offered by the white club it has been possible to see Sergio Ramos doing exercises of a certain demand. He combines strength work with some cardio sessions, especially on the stationary bike, where the camero beats himself well hitting the pedals without rest and without apparently showing symptoms of pain or discomfort, which indicates that the recovery is on a path Excellent.

In addition to the bicycle, Sergio has been seen performing exercises to continue strengthening the upper body with arms, abdomen and with different weight lifting exercises, in addition to a work of care and readjustment of his left knee. All with perfect techniques and special care so that the joint does not suffer any damage, but with the aim of not stopping to lose the least muscle mass possible and be able to return to the highest level as soon as possible.

With this type of exercise, what Sergio will achieve is that as soon as he can step on the grass, perform different types of race and start to touch the ball, he does so being the same or stronger than when he left after feeling those happy discomfort in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup. Although football has stopped for a few weeks for him, Ramos continues to pound in the gym in ‘Terminator mode’ to return as soon as possible.

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