This would be the new Champions League, according to L'Équipe

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The creation of a European Super League or the reform of the Champions League they still give a lot to talk about. The team wanted to analyze how the competition of the ‘Orejona’ would be after this renewal that the UEFA intends to carry out and has given some new details of its composition and format. The competition, to begin with, would go from 32 to 36 teams.

The French newspaper classifies the new format of the Champions League as a ‘Swiss system’. This means that in the first round of the Champions League. the one that would replace the group stage, would have almost twice as many games (180 for the current 96). And it is that a league would be held with the 36 teams, playing ten games each of the members of the competition (five at home and five away).

Who would each team play against? That would be known through a draw, in which, as in current pots, the UEFA coefficient of the clubs would determine their draw in one pot or another. The first would continue to have the champions of the main leagues and the following, from the second to the fourth, would be filled in descending order.

This would be the new Champions League, according to L’Équipe

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L’Équipe, according to his information, explains that a team from the first pot would face two other teams from the top seeds, but also three from pot 2, three from pot 3 and two from pot 4. That is, There would only be one match per team and the current system of the round trip group stage would not be followed.

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To qualify for the round of 16 there would be two methods. Direct classifieds must be among the top eight classified in the general table. And the teams that are between the 9th and 24th position will play it to a round trip crossing. Those remaining in the table below would be eliminated, without the Europa League as consolation (as it happens with the teams that are fourth in the current groups).

The reform of the Champions would bring other novelties. With almost double the number of games being played in the group stage, it would extend the calendar from September to January and, in addition, games could be played on Thursdays during this initial phase of the competition.

The team thus draw the new Champions League. A competition with many more games in total than under the current format, since it would go from 115 games to 225.

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