Ferland Mendy and Karim Benzema

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The Real Madrid He is already facing the most important part of the season and he does it at a time when the team is growing in the most absolute adversity. After overcoming a very complicated bump with very tough defeats that put confidence in the squad and the coaching staff to the limit, the Whites have managed to make a clean slate to offer a completely renewed image of themselves.

In addition, the victories achieved in recent weeks and the good news that has come from abroad in the form of punctures from direct rivals, has been added a certain heroic tinge to the vitality that the team has shown in recent weeks. The brutal plague of casualties that plagues the workforce Zinedine Zidane has caused many of the players of the white team to take out all the pride they have inside to continue battling against adversity and fighting for a League that is more and more alive.

However, they have not done it alone, since from behind has come the breath of fresh air from some kids wanting to take over the world. It’s about the players of the Real Madrid Castilla who have received a call from Zinedine Zidane and who have responded quickly, quickly and with a lot of personality. Names like those of Khust, Marvin, Sergio Arribas or Hugo Duro they are becoming common for the Madrid fans.

Quarry to power

They are the ones who are giving their face the most in these difficult moments in which players like Sergio Ramos, Carvajal, Hazard or Benzema they have been injured. They and many others owe much of the merits that are achieved this season to those kids who have come from Castilla to keep Real Madrid in the ointment, doing a great service for their careers and their futures, but also for the club , which has found itself in an extreme situation.

Ferland Mendy and Karim Benzema

The hunger and desire they have shown in every minute they have spent on the pitch sharing a shield and shirt with players of the stature of Courtois, Kroos or Modric have been a blessing for them and that is why they have faced it as if they were an opportunity life or death is involved. And for example, a button, the one seen on the stadium Jose Zorrilla when Arribas and Hugo Duro gave the team a turn with their entry to the field. Just his hunger and desire were enough medicine to revitalize a team that was somewhat sleepy.

Raúl’s example

That energy transmitted by these young people from the subsidiary is key for Zidane to continue betting on them and feel supported in these difficult times. It is also a merit of the good season they are doing in the second team of the club under the baton of a legend like Raúl González Blanco, the best possible teacher for those boys who dream of debuting with the Real Madrid jersey and forging a lifetime in the first team.

The experience of Raúl himself and of so many other legends is key for these players who have just taken their first steps at Real Madrid, but also for those who are waiting for their big break. It is the case of guys like Antonio Blanco, Saints or Miguel, who thanks to their performance in the quarry are already deserving to prove their worth in the elite and who could well enter the team in future games due to the many casualties of the first team.

Antonio Blanco, Loren Aguado, Nacho Fernández and Miguel Gutiérrez, during a Real Madrid training session

Antonio Blanco, Loren Aguado, Nacho Fernández and Miguel Gutiérrez, during a Real Madrid training session

The Champions: the challenge

However, for them and for all of Real Madrid now comes the most difficult challenge yet, the Champions. Next Wednesday, February 24, the merengue group will visit the house of Atalanta to play that first leg of the Champions League round of 16 and many of them, such as against Valladolid or Valencia, will be summoned by Zinedine Zidane to defend the Real Madrid shield for Europe.

It will be a major challenge for all of them, but it will also be a source of immense pride for the club, as it is the confirmation of the good work that has been done in ‘Factory’ for many years. Real Madrid have a unique opportunity to show off and value their youth squad and some names will have the magnifying glass of all of Europe on them.

Hugo Duro's celebration of his goal with Real Madrid Castilla at Navalcarnero

Hugo Duro’s celebration of his goal with Real Madrid Castilla at Navalcarnero

This is the case, for example, of Hugo Duro, who everything indicates that he will have minutes before the loss of Benzema and the mere presence of Mariano at the attack point, as already happened in José Zorrilla. Low like those of Rodrygo o Hazard could also promote the participation of Sergio Arribas, considered one of the great projects of that prolific quarry.

Real Madrid faces the complicated challenge of the Champions League against an uncomfortable rival such as Atalanta, a clearly offensive and counter-hitting club that has a fearsome power above. However, in front of them will be a team decimated by casualties, but very hungry to turn around an irregular season and with a group of young people full of ambition and talent who are already the pride of the club and the fans, and that now want to show Europe what pasta they are made of.

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