The surprise message from Lolo Sainz that left Pablo Laso excited

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Win in the quarterfinals, go to the semifinals of Copa del Rey and a number to remember. Pablo Laso played 735 games in front of the Real Madrid and confirmed a historic milestone in the merengue entity. The man from Vitoria, after directing the match against Valencia Basket, became the coach with the most matches throughout the Merengue club’s journey. Quite an achievement and that left in little the 734 encounters that a reference such as Lolo sainz.

The one who was a merengue coach, seeing that Laso had surpassed him, ‘allied’ with the ACB to surprise the Real Madrid coach. As soon as the match ended, and when the Vitorian coach had to perform the usual appearance before the microphones of Movistar + to assess the victory, he saw how he became the great protagonist of the WiZink Center.

On the screens of an empty pavilion, but with the sound at full volume, Pablo Laso was stunned by the appearance of the image of Lolo Sainz. The former Real Madrid coach was going to send him a message of congratulations for his 735 games leading the white team. And Laso, who does not usually show that more emotional side, could not resist.

Lolo Sainz’s surprise message to Pablo Laso after making history with Real Madrid

With a “I’m going to ask you to join me to watch a video, a little surprise from the ACB” by Lucio Angulo started it all. Laso returned to the package and was only left to contemplate the speech of a Lolo Sainz with whom he maintains a close relationship of friendship due to his coincidence in Spanish basketball.

“Dear Pablo, who was going to tell me that that kid who played base in the Baskonia and what, by the way, He always brought me down the street of bitterness In order to stop him, I would become the coach who broke my record of 734 games played for Real Madrid “, a Lolo Sainz transferred him with a laugh.

“I am delighted, of course. Congratulations, you know that I appreciate you very much. A very strong hug and that you continue fighting and playing every game to be the best. Remember what I told you not long ago: ‘Never look back because the important thing for you is yet to come ‘. Congratulations dear Pablo, a big hug “, concluded Sainz in a video message.

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Laso, how could it be otherwise, thanked the words and told the intrahistory that links both determining figures for the history of Real Madrid de Baloncesto. The video, which Pablo Laso himself described as “very emotive“He brought out the other face of the coach.

“I have a special affection for Lolo. He was my coach in the National Team. I looked at Real Madrid at that time with admiration when he played for Baskonia, as he says. I saw him as a reference not only for Real Madrid, but also for Spanish basketball” .

“That you send me this message means a lot, because I think you are a person who does not have to give compliments and I am very flattered by what you have said about me. Thank you and, let’s say, the advice he gave me I try to follow“concluded a Laso who went to the changing rooms with a record number that will continue to increase in the coming dates.

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