Piña del Granada to celebrate the pass to the second round of the Europa League

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The economic crisis generated by Covid-19 in the world of sports it is evident. Less revenue due to stadium closures. Reductions in the files of templates with millionaire salary masses. And adjustments in each and every sector of the club to avoid financial disaster in times of pandemic. However, to all this must be added the obligation to comply at the sporting level.

The fundamental basis is the good performance on the pitch and the quality of the players. Without this premise, none of the above factors get good results. And in recent times, both with the investment analysis in the transfer market and the flight of talent from the national competition, there has been a drop in the value of squads in Spanish football.

The last summer transfer market ended with the Barcelona as a great representative of investment in The league. However, beyond the Barça entity it was possible to observe how, in addition to the Premier LeagueLower level leagues such as Ligue-1 were ahead of the Spanish. In the last winter market, the situation has not been redirected and La Liga has remained the last of the great continental championships in terms of investment.

Confirmation of the bad situation in Spanish football has come through a report prepared by KMPG in which the market value of the players and the growth of the clubs in these terms are studied. The League does not have any player in the top ten with the most value market and, furthermore, it is the one that has lost the most value in the last year. The data, compared to February 2020 – just before the arrival of Covid-19 – is very pessimistic.

Piña del Granada to celebrate the pass to the second round of the Europa League


The data show that La Liga is the one with the most has lost in the value of templates. 1,400 million euros, specifically, for wear a 21.1% drop alarming. Only the Premier League, which, on the contrary, has been notably strengthened in the last market, touches the numbers of the Spanish (1,100 million drop). Serie A and Bundesliga with 500 and 400 respectively are among those that have suffered the least in the elite.

The only positive note is put by Granada. The Andalusian team is being one of the revelations and in just one year it has managed to increase its market value in more than 64 million euros. The team trained by Diego Martinez they qualified for Europe and, in fact, recently eliminated Napoli to reach the round of 16 of the second continental competition. Its value of 159.8 million euros -with that +64- place it as the fourth fastest growing club, only behind Leeds de Bielsa, Fulham, Wolves and Leipzig, which reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. last year.

Once again, on this list of club revaluation, La Liga comes off badly. With the exception of Granada, Spanish football is left without representation against the Premier -four teams- and Bundesliga -two teams-. It would tie in this section with lower level competitions such as Serie A -Atalanta-, Portuguese Super League -Sporting- and Ligue-1 -Rennes-.

Leo Messi, in a moment of the party

Leo Messi, in a moment of the party


Messi’s departure?

The Argentine forward is not among the ten players with the most market value in the study by KMPG. A hard blow for a man used to being a candidate for all individual titles and number one in the world. Among other reasons for this disappearance are the fact that Messi ended up as one of the indicated of the Barcelona failure last season, as well as the sporting instability in which he has lived in recent months due to his contractual unknown.

The report places you with a market price of 75 million euros. It thus suffers, as they collect, one of the great falls in the market with 27 million euros less. But not even that amount would have given him a place among the 10 players with the highest market value on the football planet.

Messi will decide his future once the season is over and the doors are not closing. The project presented by the new Barça president, and the offers that materialize in the major leagues, will be some of the keys that determine which shirt the ’10’ would wear at 33 years of age.

Mbappé and Haaland, in a photomontage

Mbappé and Haaland, in a photomontage

Necessary transfers

Madrid and Barcelona aim to be the great representatives of the Spanish competition in the transfer market. The two powers of national football intend to reach the summer with the necessary financial resources to be able to strengthen themselves for next year. Some additions that, in addition to supplying a sporting boost for the respective teams, would also suppose a boost to the competition itself.

Real Madrid finished the last year with a positive result. In addition, the entity chaired by Florentino Pérez estimated a budget of 671 million euros. With this, the club hope to be able to sign a galactic this summer to give greater quality to the current project. Barcelona, ​​for its part, has this March a historic elections to the presidency of the entity. The candidate who achieves victory at the polls must rebuild the team. And, despite the bad economic situation, they know that they will have to risk with big signings to redirect the team.

Mbappe -top rated player-, Wrong -6th player- or Haaland -eventh- are just some of the names related to the two entities. The French forward has not renewed and ends his contract in 2022. Haaland plans to sign this summer before his exit clause takes effect. And Salah, wrapped in rumors in England, has left the door open to play in Spain. His arrival in La Liga would give more relevance to the Spanish competition and would return the best in the world to the tournament.

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