Toni Kroos celebrates his goal against Valencia with his Real Madrid teammates

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The victory of Real Madrid before him Valencia leaves the white team adding their third consecutive game winning in The league and also some good and bad news. On the positive side, not just the three points; Benzema continue dialing, Asensio Y Vinicius progress adequately, Courteous did not concede a single goal, and players like Kroos or Modric they are at a top level.

On the negative side, the new injury of a Dani carvajal that, precisely, reappeared against Valencia in the Alfredo Di Stéfano Stadium. A new brake on the side of Leganes which has not yet passed the thousand-minute barrier this year. In addition, it also worries, although for another reason, the state of a Isco Alarcon It seems more disconnected than ever.

They are not living their easiest season at Real Madrid. Of the fall in the Spain Supercup to elimination in the Copa del Rey, going through the more or less difference in La Liga with respect to Athletic of Simeone. But not everything is bad, the Champions League and the whites are still alive in the domestic championship and ready to fight to the end.

Kroos, face

There are also many differences between the players of the first squad. A roller coaster of differences. Among the campaign highlights is Toni Kroos. The midfielder renewed in 2019, just in a difficult season for Real Madrid, both collectively and for the German individually. Much disputed was this decision of the leadership that now it is verified that it was a new success of the management of Florentino Pérez in the white house.

Toni Kroos celebrates his goal against Valencia with his Real Madrid teammates


The ex of Bayern Munich Not only has he ended up becoming one of the most profitable signings for the Concha Espina club, but he continues to prove to be at a high level, as he has shown this Sunday against Valencia. The white ‘8’ was one of the scorers in the victory of Zidane’s team over Valencia at the Di Stéfano.

A new pass to the net, as Kroos’ goals are already known, increased Real Madrid’s income against the Ches to breathe easier during the second half. This is the first goal so far this season for the midfielder, who has given five assists between La Liga and the Champions League so far this year.

Kroos has managed not only to find a place in the dressing room, but also to be a figure loved by his teammates, despite that German character that has always kept him away from some celebrations or dinners to make pineapple. Next to Modric Y Casemiro continues to form one of the most envied centers on the football planet and that is not the result of chance.

Isco, cross

If Kroos lives a sweet moment at his 31 years in the professional -he has a contract with Real Madrid until 2023-, the other side of the coin is put by Isco Alarcón who has gone from being the starter to being the player number 12 and now to last in line. Against Valencia, he even entered the field before him the youth squad Arribas.

Isco, during a warm-up with Real Madrid

Isco, during a warm-up with Real Madrid


His departure is closer than ever to occur, but although he leaves this summer of Santiago Bernabeu there are still more than three months of the season ahead. Three months in which the honey Creek it cannot remain as disconnected as it has been showing to date. The last few months have marked the beginning of the end for Isco at Real Madrid.

487 minutes divided into fifteen games between the League, the Champions League and the Copa del Rey, for an average of 32 minutes per game played. But if the lack of minutes is worrying, so is his offensive contribution. No goal and only one assist for the ’22’ merengue, who thus moves away from the Eurocup which is held next summer and whose future is still unknown, although there are several teams that could be interested in getting their services.

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