Zidane, at a press conference

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After getting off to a good start the decisive phase of the Champions League, the Real Madrid return to the discipline of The league with the aim of continuing the persecution of Atlético de Madrid. The meringues have seen how they placed three points behind the rojiblancos after the last weekend and the fight for the championship has reopened between the three favorites. A question on which Zinedine Zidane he had a lot to say at a press conference.

The Frenchman has been strengthened in recent weeks by showing that he is a great coach by managing a plague of casualties to perfection. Without being able to have a bench of alternatives, he has carried out the duel of the Champions League and those of the League with five consecutive victories and four clean sheets. He has managed to regain the best defensive level despite not having natural right backs and, above all, without the captain, Sergio Ramos.

But there is no brake on the season and the championship continues with no margin for error. The need for victories to keep coming so as not to miss this train is pressing. For this it will have several novelties in the form of recoveries. Faith Valverde, Rodrygo Goes, Marcelo Y Alvaro Odriozola placeholder image They have returned to group discipline this week and, in principle, Zidane will be able to count on them this Monday. A schedule, by the way, unusual for meringues.

Zidane, at a press conference

It will be a complicated duel considering the good form of the Basques in the league, in addition to the fact that in the first round the whites did not go from a draw to zero. Just a year after the last game in the Santiago Bernabeu, the whites will receive in the Alfredo Di Stéfano to a team that has shown since last season that it can beat any of the greats.

The Royal Society

“It is a very complicated team. But it depends on us, on what we propose on the field. What we are doing lately is good, but we always have to improve. We want to continue adding.”

Character of the team

“This club has always grown in the face of difficulties. At the critical moment, we put ourselves. We know what season it is, there are difficulties and there are very good things. We have to continue doing what we are doing lately. This is very long, there are many games and we still haven’t won anything. “

Fight of three

“Now the league is three, tomorrow it will be two, then four … Everyone has their opinion, but the League belongs to everyone. 42 points to go, we are going to continue our business.”

Decisive week

“It neither motivates me nor demotivates me. We do our thing. I don’t know what’s going to happen tonight, we don’t even have to look at it. There are 42 points at stake and our goal is to score as many points as possible.”

The recovered

“We will see the team tomorrow. The players who are recovered are available. I’m glad to get the players back. The coach is what he wants. Tomorrow we will see how we do it.”


“After the game we already talked about Isco. We know his qualities and he is a player. He has not played much lately. Against Atalanta he played well, tomorrow he will count as one more. Managing the minutes is my thing. It is not the easiest thing when you have to all these players who are very good. We will always count on him. “

Appears and disappears

“Isco is not to blame. I have to choose. There are players in this team who are very good. I always have to choose myself. Isco can play in four positions, he is a midfielder, not 40. He has to be patient and do it. good like the other day. “

Match by match

“It’s our life, the day to day. Tomorrow we have another game, it’s just that. We can’t look back even in three weeks. The only concern is tomorrow. I notice the commitment of all the players and that is very good.”

Short template

“Injuries are inevitable. They are things that can happen in a team and this year many things have happened to us. I am positive and we are recovering the players. We have reached the end of the season and I am happy to recover them. I want us all to be well. The most important thing is the commitment of the players. With everything they have won, they always want more. “


“You always ask me the same thing. It’s impressive. What can I tell you more. We think about tomorrow’s game. I want it to be fixed.”

Your claim

“It was a press conference as always, maybe a little more voice. Nothing more. The players are the same and they want to do well. Everything we do, we want to do well. We are better, but we have not won anything. We were not so bad before, nor are we the best now. Well, my players always are. But the season is long, we even have to improve. “

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