Zidane, on the Real Madrid bench

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In the previous game against him Getafe, Zinedine Zidane He left several key messages in his appearance before the media. The French coach has assured that he feels supported “with everyone” and has also wanted to highlight, given the doubts that continue to swirl, that he has “a great team”.

“We are in the same boat. I feel supported by everyone. You may think I said that because I have to say it. We know what we have to do. We have to do things right again. There are difficulties in a season,” he said. started by saying the Gaul.

“We have to accept when things are difficult. We want to change the situation. We have a great team. They are very good. That they question us? That will not prevent us from being strong,” Zidane continued at a press conference this Monday.

Zidane, on the Real Madrid bench


The Frenchman, as usual, does not secure his future beyond the end of the season. At the moment he talks about continuing to the end, about going game by game. Trust yours and that they can end up winning a title in this 2020/2021 campaign.

Zidane will continue at Real Madrid, the only thing that could jeopardize his position is a historic hit against him Atalanta, in the round of 16 of the Champions League, as it has been publishing THE BERNABÉU. A hit on Europe It could make the end of the season very difficult for the coach and his players.

This same line has followed Felipe del Campo, in Direct Goal. But the journalist has also affirmed that the intention is for Zinedine Zidane to continue for another year, this is until the end of the 2021/2022 season. Only an early elimination against Atalanta in the final phase of the Champions League or that he himself decides to take a step aside as in 2018 could change the plans.

Match by match

Is ‘cholista philosophy’ How viral it is today has also been used by himself ‘Zizou’ to the media: “It’s a question a bit … (Laughter) I live day by day. It’s now, it’s the next game … The rest, I don’t know what will happen. We all have our minds on it. match against Getafe “.

Live | Zidane press conference prior to Real Madrid – Getafe of La Liga

He has also referred to the option to abandon ship, something that currently does not cross his mind: “Why am I leaving? It is impressive male. I am doing what I like. We are touched a little, but it is the life of the human being. We are going to fight, we have to do good things with the squad we have. Real Madrid is a great club and you always have to compete. There will always be changes here. “

Zidane has said on several occasions that he is in the club of his life and that he continues to enjoy doing his job at Real Madrid. The previous time he resigned, he did so after having won three consecutive Champions League, at the top. With his winning character, it seems difficult to see the Frenchman say ‘goodbye’ leaving the team in a compromising situation.

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